wwi trenches today

USAS Videos Reading List WWI US Aviation Related Links WWI US Aviation Credits War Wings by Phillip W. Thanks to Caroline Reffin (Grandaughter of William) for use of the image and information -more information here . For most documents and photographs a flatbed scanner is the obvious choice and so it proved during the workshop. Vibration of the concrete C may also be necessary to insure that the bottom of the trench T is formed completely. Unfortunately there is not space here to explore these things; the notes from the workshop make many suggestions and I always recommend JISC Digital Media ’s website to anyone thinking about digitisation projects. Indeed there are many things which require consideration before embarking on a digitization project; storage and organization of the digital assets, metadata (the information that tells us what the asset is and helps us to search it), workflows, copyright and so on. It is very easy to tinker with contrast and colour levels in Photoshop and make the image sharper, remove crease lines, fading (ironic when so many photography apps will add all of these things!) or even –heaven forbid -add colour to black and white images! Additionally, the appropriate asphalt pavement or concrete skirt S may be prepared up to the edge of the ditch to establish the final exposed surface as shown in the drawing. There are always a few technical problems- that is the nature of working with tech (I always add PCs to the famous mantra ‘never work with children or animals’) Most problems can be resolved with a little head scratching and experimentation and we do enjoy a challenge! The leveling procedure may also utilize posts commonly referred to as batter boards extending between leveling reference points that are a significant distance apart. The aim of the Life Lines project is to engage Lakeside visitors by inviting them to respond directly to the exhibitions in the Weston Gallery using their own family archives. This is particularly appropriate when the skirt S to be adjacent the trench T is formed as part of a singular concrete pour. To be quite honest, in this case the owner was pleased that we were able to rectify this relatively recent decorating mishap, but one can imagine! This may be done utilizing a level or other straightedge which may be extended across the ditch D while resting on the skirt S. Life Lines is a public engagement initiative by the University of Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre and the Manuscripts and Special Collections (MSC) Department. The latter is particularly useful if you have an item with multiple pages, or if both sides are relevant and need to be kept together in one file, for instance the aforementioned postcards and photographs with inscriptions on the back. The recent series of workshops run by the Life Lines team of Ruth Lewis-Jones (Lakeside Arts Centre) and Charlotte Pratley (Culture Syndicates) was related to the Gallery’s ‘All Quiet in the Weston Gallery’ exhibition, which commemorated the centenary of the First World War. Additionally, the drain pipe leading from the trench T being poured should be plugged to prevent it from filling with concrete. he was first and truly a pioneer and an unsung hero in the United States, but he was always a hero in France. In the case of the wedding photograph, Photoshop can be used to remove those paint spots and indeed Charlotte was able to do just that, but perhaps those paint spots are part of the history of the object? As is known in the art, such la procedure is important as forces produced by the weight of poured concrete C are significant. Of course, the skirt S may also be formed as part of the same concrete pour used to form the trench T. Following the talks, we had a go at digitally capturing and optimising some of the artefacts using the DHC’s scanners and the copy stand and camera –or Annie as we call it! Our grandparents could vividly describe storming Omaha Beach or arriving at Dachau, but they couldn’t tell us about the smell of mustard gas or the horror of the Cossack pogroms. The names of some of the people in the photos whose stories were pieced together or remembered during the workshops were written by the participants on paper poppies (see below) and displayed in Highfield’s Park near the Lakeside Arts Centre. tan leather trench coat short trench jacket british military trench coat short tan trench coat stores that sell trench coats trench coat storm flap trench coat pattern mens faux leather trench coat brown shearling coat wool trench coat with hood hooded trench coat for men short coats jean trench coat black mac coat mens tan trench coat cheap trench coat long women blue womens trench coat women long trench coats overcoats women gold trench coat trench coat sizing short mac coat ladies long trench coat sale red trench coat womens trench clothes cream trench coat mens brown wool coat womens trench coat mens long long brown overcoat mens coat black


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