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Midtown Express, LLC (“Midtown Express”) is a premier cable fulfillment services company providing the highest quality and customer service to cable TV system operators through a professional, reliable, skilled and motivated workforce. People like to feel strong emotions and therefore enjoy tragedies, thrillers, murder mysteries and tales of passion. It should be possible, accordВ­ing to an enterprising commercial group in New OrВ­leans, to enhance the entertainment value of films and television plays by using this technique. the death of the heroine in childbirth might be made even more distressing than it already is by subliminally flashing upon the screen, again and again, during the playing of the scene, such ominous words as “pain,” “blood” and “death.” Consciously, the words would not be seen; but their effect upon the subconscious mind might be very great and these effects might powerfully reinforce the emotions evoked, on the conscious level, by the acting and the dialogue. Meanwhile the tachistoscopes, the whispering and squeaking machines, the projectors of images so dim that only the subconscious mind can respond to them, will be reinforcing what he says by systematically associating the man and his cause with positively charged words and hallowed images, and by strobonically injecting negatively charged words and odious symbols whenever he menВ­tions the enemies of the State or the Party. The candiВ­date (if there is still a question of candidates), or the appointed representative of the ruling oligarchy, will make his speech for all to hear. Continue to push on the steel rod until it punctures the opposite side trench wall under the obstacle. This kind of persuasion-by-association is something to which the techniques of subliminal projection seem to lend themselves particularly well. Nichols Construction, LLC (“Nichols”) is an outside plant utility contractor for the telecommunications industry. No — the wily Germans had associated their pain-relievers with a brightly colored and extremely lifelike picture of the Holy Trinity sitting on a cumulus cloud and surrounded by St. Thus, when assoВ­ciated, on the subconscious level, with the word “happy,” a blank expressionless face would seem to the observer to smile, to look friendly, amiable, outgoing. If he can put his vicВ­tims into a state of abnormally high suggestibility, if he can show them, while they are in that state, the thing, the person or, through a symbol, the cause he has to sell, and if, on the subconscious level, he can associate this thing, person or symbol with some value-bearing word or image, he may be able to modify their feelings and opinions without their having any idea of what he is doing. Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, Broadband Express provides its services throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States. The experienced management, highly trained personnel and equipment resources are readily available to undertake any size project. In the United States brief flashes of Abraham Lincoln and the words “government by the people” will be proВ­jected upon the rostrum. American calendars were, in conseВ­quence, far less popular than German calendars; for the German advertisers had taken the trouble to find out what the Indians valued and were interested in. When the same face was associated, also on the subconВ­scious level, with the word “angry,” it took on a forbidВ­ding expression, and seemed to the observer to have become hostile and disagreeable. Headquartered in Clarkston, Georgia, Ivy is positioned to provide a wide range of services to a broad base of customers. Locating assures the accuracy of its locates in accordance with applicable state law, including meeting the mandated time for responding to locate requests. Locating has experienced steady growth over the years based on an excellent reputation for providing quality service throughout the Northwestern United States while maintaining the efficiencies customers demand. Midtown Express differentiates itself by providing high quality and excellent customer service through a professional, reliable, skilled and motivated workforce. It might produce even stronger emotions if it were associated, on the subconscious level, with appropriate words or symbols. (To a group of young women, it also came to seem very masculine — whereas when it was associated with “happy,” they saw the face as belonging to a member of their own sex. In the light of what has been said about persuasion-by-association and the enhancement of emotions by subliminal suggestion, let us try to imagine what the political meeting of tomorrow will be like. 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