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What God has decreed in His Word shall be poured upon (or done to) the one that made the temple desolate, the Antichrist. A pile of century-old documents belonging to his grandfather, a Gallipoli veteran, has been collecting dust – until now. In these spaces where the people have put forward their own will it is impossible to see the presence of the state outside of a few armored cars on the main avenues. All of them grew up on these streets and now they are making it known that they do not want to see their own families among the murdered.” In the pro-government media where they shout lies about how “the PKK is forming a canton in Cizre” the question of “who are these youth” remains hidden. Because a foundational pillar of self-government is self-defense, which allows the people who reside behind these fortifications to live in peace. Mothers who tell us how in neighborhoods where there are tens of thousands of residents there is never any incident of theft stand as indestructible monuments in front of their homes. This second group, if they are not killed near the beginning, should have at least one more chance to be saved during the Tribulation. This is because these people would not receive God’s Word, Jesus (the love of the truth or to love the truth), so that they could be saved. However if there are Kurdish schools we will go.” In the intimate conversation that takes place in the evening hours accompanied by tea the main topic of conversation among those standing guard in front of the house is of how Turkish public opinion has remained unresponsive to the people living in the district. The holes in the sheets hung as defense against snipers and the bullet holes in the walls of the houses remain as evidence of the kind of resistance that took place here. Behind the trenches in CizГ®r (Cizre) there is a life closely tied to those who have paid a price for its sake. This message demonstrates that the unrighteousness and evil, which is in these people, or embraced by them, shall deceive them (deceivableness or deception of unrighteousness in them that perish). These mothers never fail to offer prayers or warnings to “take care of yourselves” as they distribute food and water to the youth. The youth who stand guard day and night behind positions fortified with sandbags are self-government’s biggest guarantee. They appear to be speaking to the people of the last church age (the Laodicean age ) that will conclude or end with the Rapture. It reveals a temple during the Tribulation, an abomination, and the final prophesied end of the Antichrist. A people who pay no head to whether or not the state will continue its attacks put their determination front and center, saying “we have paid such a price that if necessary we will go on paying.” It is easy to understand the meaning of the CizГ®r resistance from the solidarity shown behind the trenches. His grandson, Mark Murray, has held onto them ever since, although he very nearly lost it all just weeks ago. This extreme warning from God is to those that choose to reject Jesus, because they have fun in doing wickedness. This grave warning goes forth to those that would not receive God’s Word (the love of the truth) and would not believe the truth of God’s Word that they might be saved, but had pleasure (or delight, or fun, or enjoyment) in doing or practicing sin (or wickedness, or unrighteousness). But the maps and diaries belonging to a surveyor who served at Gallipoli were very nearly lost forever. It is necessary to say that the people of CizГ®r have not demanded self-government from anyone, because it is constantly being stressed that by taking these practical steps they have entered on a road of no return. The sufferings that the state inflicted on the people of CizГ®r in the past remain as fresh memories. Explaining how their houses were incessantly targeted he tell us that it was “like we were in a war.” When we remind Baran and his sisters that school is about to begin he tells us “we will no longer go to school. long leather coats how to wear a trench coat brown quilted jacket womens mens double breasted trench coat trenchcoats men mens leather coats ladies macs and trench coats trench coat men wool trench coat mens fashion men in trench coat ladies brown coat ladies brown coats brown winter coats for women trench coat castiel trench coat with hood men womens leather coats cute trench coats best trench coats for men cropped trench coat drench coat swing trench coat mens trench coat long mens trench coats for sale make trench coat men trench coats men trench coat sale short trench coat mens rain trench dress trench coat brown down coat


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