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These latter subseries supplement the earlier series to some extent but contain a far greater proportion of records concerning purely administrative matters. The formats of the reports vary greatly, from lists of activities and accomplishments to detailed narratives supported by photographs, charts, and statistical information. Ours would likely end up on part of Railroad Avenue, south of Main Street and continuing south well beyond Dayton Street, if they do that, probably making Railroad Avenue one-way for awhile. That is, the series seldom refer to individual casualties by name but in some cases provide a vivid picture of casualty-related matters in a specific location at a specific time or concerning a specific type of casualty or a specific Army medical unit. The American Battle Monuments Commission records related to World War II in the National Archives do not contain a great deal of information on individual burials. ABMC also designs, constructs, administers, and maintains permanent American military cemeteries located outside the United States and its possessions and maintains at overseas cemeteries rosters of burials and of persons recorded as missing. After the below grade Trench line is complete and in service, the other side of the Trench can be dug and poured, bulkheads removed, and finishing work completed. These reports are similar to the preceding series in variety and content but are generally more detailed. The majority of reports concern the European Theater and the Southwest Pacific Area, but entries are also found for all other theaters and areas abroad. Also, records of many medical staff sections and field units were withdrawn from command files after the war and loaned to SGO for use in historical studies. Again, I want to emphasize that what we need is experienced national engineering firms to come over and prepare a preliminary proposal with cost estimates that works best for BNSF. By keeping some backups on tape, ideally off-site, even if it is just a monthly copy, it becomes much harder to destroy all that data and the backups at the same time. These records relate to all aspects of wartime medical activities and include histories of individual medical units, programs for treatment of specific problems, and studies of battle casualties suffered by air and ground units (some for specific campaigns). Those records that describe illnesses or wounds suffered by individual Army personnel are restricted in their availability because of privacy considerations. which lists alphabetically the names of deceased individuals and cites the military units to which they were assigned, the burial site (cemetery, row, block, and grave number), and the date of death. Another unique possibility is the project might be built in halves, with one track and half of the trench built with a retaining bulkhead (which will be used in the digging process anyway). The good thing is this is probably the most the roads in Edmonds will be closed, with Dayton and Main maintained with temporary ramps, ferry loading uninterrupted, making this a low impact project on our street flow compared to any alternative, plus the railroad will want to complete it quickly. It is also clear that a number of files were withdrawn for historical research by SGO with no further indication of their ultimate disposition. If double tracking and the Trench are done at the same time, there should be an opportunity for cooperation and cost saving, which would be explored in the study, negotiation and planning phase. Since we have recently received a number of questions on this, and with the proviso that BNSF is the one to pick their own method of maintaining freight traffic during construction, the following could be done, either alone, in combination, or in sequence during the construction, as well as other temporary measures that might emerge as this gets planned. The majority of the records in World War II subseries consist of monthly sanitary reports describing conditions, controls, and countermeasures regarding sanitation, medical, and casualty-handling problems. It would be easy to wipe out the contents of the DDs and the backup storage in a matter of minutes, either accidentally or maliciously. The reports of infantry divisions and evacuation hospitals are most likely to contain data on combat and combat-related casualties. The series contains an abundance of representative information indicating how medical units operated in specific places and times and showing the nature and extent of combat and noncombat casualties in specific campaigns, including medical treatment administered. Most of that information is easily available from the Commission itself or from the publication cited above. winter coat for women winter jackets women winter coats for women womens jackets women jackets and coats wool pea coat women winter coat women fur coats for women winter jacket for women women s jackets ladies winter jackets ladies raincoats ladies jackets womens long winter coats womens coats sale women s coats outerwear for women fall jackets for women womens long coats coats and jackets for women pea coat for women winter jackets for women womens raincoats black pea coat women coat women womens pea coats long winter coats for women womens winter jackets women s winter jackets women jacket


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