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The NZ regiment fought successfully in the Malaysian jungle and also in Borneo where it was involved in the Indonesian Confrontation with Malaysia and Singapore. In contrast, when an element is referred to as being “directly connected” or “directly coupled” to another element, there are no intervening elements present. At the time of writing, the regiment was still garrisoned in Singapore under a Five Power Defense Agreement by which a number of Western powers have guaranteed the stability of both Malaysia and Singapore. The Vietcong recognised us and put the word around that we were professionals and that contact with us was to be avoided if possible. These allegations were officially denied by the NZ military command and the NZ government, but the taunt “Cheap Charlie” was directed at members of the NZ contingent in the Australian Task Force because it had to rely heavily on American and Australian equipment and logistic support. “Second best” and “done on the cheap” were derogatory terms that some NZ officers used to describe this effort. They resented their lack of national identity resulting from their integration in an Australian Task Force. If the policy makers had been paying attention they might have heard a very sensitive account of the dealings of American advisors with the Vietnamese peasantry, along with this kind of plea. The intention was to impart a greater understanding of the political and psychological nature of the war to the top decision makers in Washington, but this unique use of folksong as a creative attempt to influence cultural perceptions and to change the basic assumptions of the policy makers in the external environment of Washington was to no avail. Auc de lai means “big red rat,” a Vietnamese approximation for Kangaroo, and hence an epithet for those of Australian nationality. The command might also have adopted a different strategic approach to the campaign, with more reliance on small group operations among the South Vietnamese, backed up by counterinsurgency warfare on a larger scale, and less emphasis on big operations supported by massive manpower and firepower as well as the large-scale use of bombing and defoliation. Ten years later in Vietnam, a composite ANZAC force (known as the Australian Task Force) was made up of Australian infantry battalions plus two companies of NZ troops from the New Zealand Infantry Regiment stationed in Malaysia. Some New Zealand rank-and-file veterans interviewed by the present writer considered both the Australians and the Americans as inferior because they (the New Zealanders) had mastered the techniques of jungle warfare that required a more stealthy style of aggressive patrolling in the jungle rather than relying on open trails and large-scale operations. This critique of the operational conduct of the war also emerges in the comments of some of its ANZAC participants. The tapes were sent to President Lyndon Johnson, the Vice-President, the Defense Secretary, the Secretary of State and to various officials in Saigon including General William Westmoreland. For example, a first element could be termed a second element, and, similarly, a second element could be termed a first element, without departing from the scope of example embodiments of the present invention. It should be understood, however, that there is no intent to limit example embodiments of the invention to the particular forms disclosed, but on the contrary, example embodiments of the invention are to cover all modifications, equivalents, and alternatives falling within the scope of the invention. This meant that the platoons and sections retained their organizational identity as small groups and were not continuously being disrupted by individual members retiring and being replaced by strangers as happened in most U. It will be understood that when an element is referred to as being “connected” or “coupled” to another element, it can be directly connected or coupled to the other element or intervening elements may be present. The terminology used herein is for the purpose of describing particular embodiments only and is not intended to be limiting of example embodiments of the invention. Other words used to describe the relationship between elements should be interpreted in a like fashion (e.g. Accordingly, while example embodiments of the invention are capable of various modifications and alternative forms, embodiments thereof are shown by way of example in the drawings and will herein be described in detail. It is what allows our Commanders (those who are actively in the trenches in their own respective fields and industries) the freedom to more fully and honestly answer your questions without concerning themselves about real-life backlash from their superiors, their peers or the public. We were highly trained and experienced and we welcomed the chance to get into Vietnam where we could develop our tactics. However, in spite of such discords there were very few morale, disciplinary or drug problems with the Australian Task Force as a whole. life in the western front what is a trench reserve trenches trench games wwi trenches today trenches ww2 trench locations marianna trench trenches game life in the trenches quotes cool trench coat british trench wwi trench life wwi trench foot gallery trench coats what motivated british soldiers to continue fighting in the trenches rats and lice in the trenches support trench mariannas trench the trenches marianas diseases in wwi marina trench trenches diseases deepest trench mud in the trenches life in the trenches wwi in the trenches the mariana trench what life was like in the trenches


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