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Eventually, decades later, the fourth and final draft of history is etched in stone after all the earlier versions have been graded and revised by learned academics with access to the archives. We are reaching the end of living contact with the Great War and it’s not a question of “lest we forget” so much as “what we choose to remember”. All too often, however, the subject is reduced, by uninspiring teachers, to tedious dates, facts and figures — the navigational co-ordinates of a forgotten world. And now, amid the smoke and roar of high explosives, Bill endures The hail of death, which all around leaves him untouched, while yet the sound Of “Highland Laddie” fills the air as fingers on the chanter dare To still defy the lethal storm, this awesome hell in all its forms. it walks abroad, it continues its ravages, whilst you are gibbeting the carcase, or demolishing the tomb. History is no longer written by the victors alone; even the losers can get a look in as long as they win the sympathy of the prime-time viewer. She waits For a glimpse of a Gauntleted hand Waving at her eye level, The hand that caressed Now ready to trigger the tail guns. In history a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials for future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind. The Great War was the defining tragedy of Britain, France, Germany and Russia, and a new beginning for much of the rest of Europe. Wise men will apply their remedies to vices, not to names; to the causes of evil which are permanent, not to the occasional organs by which they act, and the transitory modes in which they appear. Evocatively conveyed, history can be a superior form of infotainment: a thrill-ride through the follies, triumphs and misfortunes of our ancestors. She waits In the late twilight, Shivering in the wind That scoops up Over the lip Of the chalk cliff. Something to be proud of, to revel in, To relish with sacred, biblical rhetoric From a shallow, self-centered political opportunist. The book begins by pointing out that history can offer simplicity and support to just about anybody who is willing to twist and distort its lessons. Whose meanings and oratory become quickly lost, His words floating away with the wind, out of relevance, out of touch Out of context, drifting, beyond the restive crowds. Yet none of these attempts worked, and Clio wreaked her own revenge on the reputation of all four dictators. Now time, history, and denial blessedly blur the horror and inhumanity Of what they did; of what was done to them. Whether we like the idea of history and its capacity for inflaming conflict or not, we are nonetheless stuck with it. History consists, for the greater part, of the miseries brought upon the world by pride, ambition, avarice, revenge, lust, sedition, hypocrisy, ungoverned zeal, and all the train of disorderly appetites which shake the public. This rang a bell, and on downloading You Only Live Twice from his ear-piece into his brain, he found this was the very word Bond had used for it too. As they at last comprehend all their sacrifice, all their pain, All their sorrow, all their suffering, all the death, Did not change or alter a thing, was not a lesson learned Nor an experience not to be repeated. Now, forever sleep beneath the green muffled grass Sharing the earth with the youth and victims of past wars, Too numerous to count, to numbing to contemplate, The dead, as powerless and impotent as the now living To change or alter, or detour the inexorable course of madmen, They patiently wait for the next generation to join them. Continue to instruct the world; and — whilst we carry on a poor unequal conflict with the passions and prejudices of our day, perhaps with no better weapons than other passions and prejudices of our own — convey wisdom to future generations. supplying the means of keeping alive, or reviving, dissesions and animosities, and adding fuel to civil fury. The sin in historical composition is the organization of the story in such a way that bias cannot be recognized. blazer trench coat ladies hooded coats raincoat with hood for women fall jackets women double breasted wool coat white trench coat dress men in trench coats coat ladies short trench coat petite womans winter coats womens rain trench trench design jackets and coats for women trench winter coat winter white coats for women discount winter coats mens leather trench coats modern trench coat discount coats winter coats women sale what were the conditions in the trenches shop coats ladies coat with hood trench coats for sale men where to buy mens trench coats long length trench coats ladies mens trench coat fashion womens black wool trench coat long winter coats for women on sale classic trench coat mens


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