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Soldiers on the western front had to dig trenches before they “lived” in them – (see fourth paragraph, “the trenches,” for animation) In addition, the British have developed sonar (a form of remote-detection device that uses sound-waves) and are confident they can easily locate submerged boats. Großadmiral Karl Dönitz, surrenders unconditionally to the Allied Expeditionary Force and Red Army Command (represented by Zhukov). is sent into Scapa Flow, the main naval base in the British Isles, and sinks the battleship HMS Royal Oak before escaping unharmed. However, German U-boats will spend most of their non-attack time surfaced for practical reasons (as they have limited range and speed while submerged) and to reduce the effectiveness of sonar. Soldiers endured unbelievable hardships – (click on links in last three paragraphs for animations, pictures and videos) Some, like the Polish air force—many former pilots of which join the Royal Air Force—flee the country and fight alongside the Allies, and others form resistance groups and await the time to strike. Its goal of taking Berlin (which was too ambitious anyway) is downgraded to merely taking bridgeheads across the Oder to facilitate a final push on the German capital later. When Romania switches sides Bulgaria follows suit and the Soviets are poised to invade Hungary by the time the Rasputitsa arrives. It contained a large number of records from military hospitals from both wars, but only a small fraction of all these documents ever created. Only food and fuel shortages—unlike Hitler, STAVKA considers the Hungarian front to be of secondary importance—prevent the Red Army spearheads from entering Austria immediately. They are almost hysterically anxious to get back to peace conditions, and they cannot quite understand why the process takes such a long time.” Dönitz has also developed new doctrine to counter convoys: submarines will scout out, converge upon, and follow convoys by day. A brief spurt of excitement comes when Scandinavia gets involved—the Allies were considering getting involved there to stop Sweden supplying Germany with high-quality steel (a trade which was drastically less important than it appeared in the short term, as Germany was also able to get steel from the Soviets), but the Germans see this coming and attack Denmark and Norway to preempt them. However, the Soviet Union is now trading with Germany as per the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and so numerous types of Unobtanium like molybdenum, tungsten, aluminium, rubber, and aviation fuel are freely available to them. The Soviets and Allies take Romania and France and get bogged down in Hungary and the Low Countries note Operation Market – Garden. Although, the information and pointers remain a work in progress, I hope you will find the information useful. The German Navy has learned many lessons from its experience of commerce-raiding in the First World War and the new Commander of U-boats, Admiral Karl Dönitz, has been planning for a new submarine war for nearly twenty years. which was to make extensive use of paratroopers to seize key bridges in the Netherlands and so make possible a rapid advance on to the North German plain, fails due to a combination of hasty planning and effective German counterintelligence respectively. Extremely difficult conditions for soldiers – (click on “churned out corpses,” in the second quote, for video clip) Correspondence between Kaiser and Tsar just before war – (second paragraph, click on “governed by cousins”) Home Army forcibly incorporated into Army of Communist Poland, with Soviet help, or crushed by German forces. Hitler orders that the siege be relieved by Panzer forces withdrawn from the French and Polish fronts, but Operation Konrad grinds to a halt south of the city before the Red Army counterattack goes on to encircle them. Next comes a weird eight-month pause variously nicknamed the “Phony War”, the ” Sitzkrieg ” (Sitting War), the ” Drôle de Guerre ” (Funny War), or the “Bore War” (a pun on the Boer War ), in which the British and French mobilize all their industries and quietly churn out all the armaments they can, mobilising and organising all their reserves for a defence of the Low Countries while they sit behind their Naval Blockade and the Maginot Line. 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