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Second, it should be addressed and settled by political means, and not through pressure, no matter what type of pressure, whether an economic blockade or the use of armed force. VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think I answered a part of your question in my response to your Ukrainian colleague. As soon as – God forbid – it happens and they no longer need the bear, the taiga will be taken over. And, of course, we will help the people, as we are doing now (as you may know, a tenth humanitarian convoy has been sent). It is a fact that much of Ukraine’s power industry burns Donbass coal, but up until now they aren’t buying this coal. It was not by chance that I… It’s not just a casual phrase, when I said that peace should be restored and problems should be resolved by political means. After all, we should proceed from the fundamental principles of international law and from people’s right to decide their fate on their own. You see, if we continue the analogy, sometimes I think that maybe it would be best if our bear just sat still. The only question perhaps is how much we will have to eventually invest in its development after the difficult Ukrainian past. You know, at the Valdai [International Discussion] Club I gave an example of our most recognisable symbol. We have heard it even from high-level officials that it is unfair that the whole of Siberia with its immense resources belongs to Russia in its entirety. But we must decide whether we want to keep going and fight, change our economy – for the better, by the way, because we can use the current situation to our own advantage – and be more independent, go through all this or we want our skin to hang on the wall. Construction is complete on the Mission Road bridge and work continues on the bridges at Ramona Street, Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard. So it is fair to snatch Texas from Mexico but it is unfair that we are working on our own land – no, we have to share. As far as the Minsk agreements are concerned, it’s a very important part of this, and we want them to be complied with because, first, the initiative for the Minsk meeting came from me and from Petro Poroshenko. The rail crossing at Walnut Grove Avenue will remain at-grade and may require a shallow lowering of the roadway to match the proposed railroad grade. The vacuum main does not demand a different bedding than for a water main in a similar pipe material. It would of course be necessary to increase the width when using a trenching machine where man entry is required to make joints. The project will eliminate delays for emergency responders and the potential for crossing collisions, estimated at one every four years. So, it is not about Crimea but about us protecting our independence, our sovereignty and our right to exist. Local access for businesses and residents will be maintained, and advance notice of closures, detours and other construction impacts will be provided. Temporary and alternating closures of Ramona Street, Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue will be required during construction; one lane in each direction of San Gabriel Boulevard will remain open. As a final measure, the crew may plant seeds and mulch the construction right of way, to ensure the foliage and grassland is restored as close as possible to its original condition. Prior to lowering the pipe into the trench, specialized equipment calibrated to the proper voltage is used to inspect the pipeline and ensure it is free of defects, known as coating holidays. Our representatives in Minsk signed a memorandum in September and there were protocols to it that defined the disengagement line. slim trench coat dark green trench coat men dufflecoat slim fit trench coat for men short trench jacket womens brown coats black trench coat dress khaki womens trench coat beige trenchcoat new trench coats trenchcoat sale women wool coat womans coat trench coat long women trench coats petite trench coat for ladies fashion coat british trench coats tan leather trench coat trench coat long mens brown winter coats steppjacke women long trench coats lodenmantel brown coat men khaki trench coat with leather sleeves trench style coats cheap trench coats mens black male trench coat brown ladies jacket


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