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The Trigger by Arthur Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell Scientist accidentally invent a device which will detonate all explosives and gunpowder with a large radius. There are no slugthrowers firing bullets available because their relatively low price would allow them to be purchased by the “lower classes” of society, and the aristocracy frowns on that. When Herbert adds the Butlerian Jihad it makes the universe of ten thousand years from now look remarkably medieval. Deathstalker series by Simon Green A bolt from a disruper pistol is deadly, but the blasted weapon takes two minutes to recharge. None of this amounts to the simplistic “loyalty” that European memoirists extolled in their postwar writing. Traveller RPG Swords are used on planets with high Law Levels because on such worlds it is illegal for civilians to carry firearms. Such caricatures, like so many well-meaning stereotypes involving Africa, are based on a racist impulse to render Africans as less than fully capable of assessing their interests and acting upon those assessments. The centenary of World War I’s outbreak provides an opportunity to reflect on what it cost people around the world. Inside a stasis field soldiers are forced to use melee weapons or bow and arrows; lasers, chemical explosives, nuclear warheads, and other high-tech weapons will not work. On merchant starships there are racks for cutlasses next to the airlocks so the crew can repel boarders. The scientists foolishly try to develop the device further, and to their horror realize they have made the ultimate genocide machine. Dune novels by Frank Herbert The Holtzman effect personal force fields will stop bullets safely and will stop laser bolts with the unfortunate side effect of a thermonuclear explosion. No “Raiders of the Lost Ark ” allowed, if your foe pulls out a sword it is not fair to just shoot him. (ed note: for all you young whipper-snappers, this was written in those ancient days of yore when a transistor FM radio was considered cutting-edge high-tech) But a mixture of the technics of different eras is always an unstable and rapidly changing state of affairs, because people compelled to mix with those of a technologically more advanced culture soon adopt the gadgets of the others, as far as they can do so without much disturbing their basic cultural attitudes, social organizations, and traditional way of life. Given the ways that the war’s effects shape our present, we can ill afford to remain tied to such narratives, particularly when we have the means to do otherwise . Even worse, it converts a history of terrible violence into one of heroic deeds and chivalric values. The loyal colonial troops who inhabit these memoirs and most popular understandings of the war are at best caricatures of the men who fought and died during World War I. Forsooth, many have written begiling tales of swordplay laid on Mars, not to mention Venus and assorted extra-solar planets. For, their fictional milieu is as anachronistic, or technologically incongruous, as it would be to have a contemporary American businessman wear Gothic armor to his office or light his cigarette by rubbing sticks. In trying to think through the specific meanings of the war for those living with colonialism and imperial encroachment, “loyalty” has quite limited utility. Even when these things are disturbed, the people may eventually adopt the new discoveries when they get used to them. Therefore they fill their imaginary worlds with impenetrable jungles, fearsome monsters, glittering palaces, haughty emperors, beautiful princesses, sinister temples, villainous priests, cowering slaves, deadly duels, gladitorial combats, ghastly ghosts, frightful demons, lethal magic, gallant steeds, and of course a lavish assortment of swords and other hand-to-hand weapons. So, along with this display of picturesque archaism, they mingle elements from the technological present and future: guns, disintegrators and other lethal ray projectors, mechanical air and ground vechicles, and other scientific gadgets. Which is a good thing if the author does not want to be forced to write a high-tech cyberpunk post-Singularity novel. Thousands of colonial troops from German East Africa, British East Africa, Belgian Congo, Portuguese East Africa, and elsewhere did indeed fight to the end of the protracted and grueling campaign, which had lasted slightly longer than the war on Europe’s western front. puffy coats mens wool trench coat double breasted ladies trench womens wool coat mens trench sale trench coat leather trench coats for men petite trench coats for women white winter coat rain trench coats buy trench coats black long trench coat mens black trench coats trench coat sales long winter coat long wool trench coat men long mens overcoats long trench coats for men green trench coat womens short trench coat with hood womens trench coat petite mens black double breasted trench coat long leather trench coats for men long womens trench coat mens all weather trench coat single breasted trench coat mens colored trench coats jackets and coats mens winter trench coats for sale winter coats online


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