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Oil contract between the Central African Republic and Chinese company PTI-IAS View: HTML or PDF version. A look into typical conventions between states and mining companies, the legal obligations arising from exploitation and research permits, the theoretical frame that limits the activities of non-state actors and the reality of their implementation, most often reduced to nothing. It was here that the most powerful protagonists – Britain, France and Germany – concentrated the bulk of their resources, and it was here that the war was decided. The defeat was attributed by many Germans to political manoeuvres rather than the failings of the military and this encouraged the emergence of a vengeful nationalism, particularly among former soldiers such as one Adolf Hitler. These documents show the schemes used by a fake international organisation supported by the UN and numerous states in order to corrupt local elites and steal the natural resources of impoverished states and their populations. So too were the casualties – British Empire dead in this theatre numbered more than half a million. The war also contributed to creating a sense of nationhood among the Dominions of the Empire (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and sowed the seeds of independence from the British homeland. Among the hundreds of pages in this publication are detailed maps of mining rights, mining contracts with illegal kickbacks and secret investigative reports. Despite the negative outcome for Germany, with her servicemen decimated and her finances exhausted, her territory remained intact. Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our public PGP key. Oil contract between the Central African Republic and South African company DIG OIL View: HTML or PDF version. Framework convention between WSA and the Central African Republic Ministry for Foreign Affairs View: HTML or PDF version. After a profitable exploitation of resources, companies such as Areva – a French multinational group specialising in nuclear power – abandon the country, leaving behind nuclear contamination without having launched any of the promised investments. The following documents show the constant disdain of the company towards Central African Republic institutions and its population, and the neocolonial conditions of exploitation of its mines in Africa. Corruption and legal violations in the Central African Republic mining sector: international list of companies responsible This decision was in effect an acknowledgement that the Schlieffen Plan to capture Paris and destroy the French Army had failed. These documents show how the main Chinese state-owned defence company, specialising in missiles and tank production, tried to invest in Central Africa, probably within the framework of a hidden weapons agreement thought to feed the Central African Republic civil war in spite of global sanctions. These documents show the typical path of a junior mining company in an impoverished state in order to grab most of its resources as soon as possible and resell the permits immediately thereafter. The entry into the war of the Americans, albeit belated, forced the German Army into an ultimately doomed offensive. A free software implementation of second-generation onion routing, a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet. If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very large, or you have specific requirements, WikiLeaks provides several alternative methods. The peculiar nature of the trench warfare that evolved there owed its origin to the technology of the time. Framework convention between the World Sports Alliance and the Central African Republic View: HTML or PDF version. These documents shed light on the incapacity of the Central African Republic government to exploit one of its lesser-known resources, limestone, the potential of which has been known for decades. This list shows in a very efficient way which companies intervene in the mining sector in CAR and how most of them violate their obligations toward the state, having corrupted its officials through “bonuses”, paid most of the time in cash. womens brown coats dark green trench coat men beige trenchcoat cheap trench coats mens trench coats petite trench coat for ladies trenchcoat women trench coat damen slim trench coat black male trench coat trenchcoat sale slim fit trench coat for men steppjacke trench style coats khaki trench coat with leather sleeves trench coat long mens fashion coat short trenchcoat new trench coats women wool coat black trench coat dress dufflecoat trenchcoat winter brown winter coats khaki womens trench coat british trench coats womans coat lodenmantel brown coat men brown ladies jacket


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