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“It was only at his death bed, or a few weeks before, that he took me aside as the eldest son and said, ‘You know, your uncles have always said that I should write about my experiences, but I want you to know that it wasn’t for me to do that. “My father was the epitome of what people regard as a Swiss professional: he said nothing to anybody about anything,” Bieler said. After the war, Jean Bieler went on to an illustrious public career, first with the League of Nations in New York and Switzerland, and later with the Quebec government, where he was instrumental in the formation of Hydro-QuГ©bec. (He also has four adult children form a previous marriage.) He divides his time between homes in Wales and the south of France, tends occasionally to a successful cranberry business he runs with his brother, and professes himself fundamentally altered by the experience of writing his first book. – Professional Services: In this final service, our professional staff within Greely and affiliate companies can offer consultation, conflict determinations and utilities coordination where and when warranted. in the planning and design phases of a utilities infrastructure project allows engineers to narrow down the geographic regions where good quality information is required and proposes methods whereby the location of utility conflicts can be physically and non-destructively determined. So it is surprising that these boys — and I’m going way beyond my own family when I say this — had such enthusiasm to be going over.” “What would happen quite regularly,” said Bieler, “is that the boys would see each other for one reason or another. That the family letters on which Bieler draws so extensively survived as intact as they did feels almost miraculous when you consider the literal journey these letters had to undertake in order to get from the battlefront to the home front and vice versa in the first place. “I’m an impatient person who’s led a very active life, so when I recollect that I spent three years going through all this material … there had to be a hell of a lot of interest. When they saw their officer brother ride past on his horse, they would give their messages to him, and when that brother had occasion to be in Boulogne, which he would give these messages to my father, and my father would stick them in the Ottawa pouch, that’s the pouch that the hospital would send all their facts back to Canada, and those messages would end up back at my grandmother’s. We are resting behind the lines … you will no doubt realize that my return to the trenches wasn’t joyful. He succeeds, with results that can be truly poignant — as with one of the last letters Philippe ever sent, composed with a understated optimism that turned out to be tragically mistaken: With all letters to and from France being heavily vetted and censored, correspondents were forced to express their true emotions between the lines. Here are five excerpts from some of the letters exchanged by the Bieler family of Montreal during the First World War, translated by Philippe Bieler in his book Onward, Dear Boys: A Family Memoir of the Great War. – Subsurface Utility Physical Locating: This service offers minimally invasive methods of excavating including HydroVac equipment. – Subsurface Utility Designating: This service determines the existence and approximate horizontal position of underground utilities. “I became a bit negative about (French Canada), so I was rather relieved to have left at that time. This activity allows for the precise determination of the horizontal and vertical position of the underground utility to be documented and provides the highest quality data. And how does this grandfather feel about how his book might be received among the generation who are now at the age at which his father and uncles went to war? In order to identify these parties, discuss your claim with a Palm Beach construction accident lawyer. – Subsurface Utility Surveying: This service utilizes survey instruments such as levels, theodolites, rods and GPS. We have been frequently called upon to provide cost-effective and non-invasive solutions to our base of telecom, CATV, hydro, water, sewer and gas customers. – Data Management: The data management service ranges from updating information on existing utility drawings or construction plans to the creation of completely new utility plans. 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