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A proclamation was published in the “Macedonia” newspaper towards the population of Skopje and the neighbourhood. The members of the Committee were Dr.Kosta Chohadjich – President; Vassil Hadjikimov – secretary, responsible for the administration and for the radio; members – Nikola Pavlov and Reshid Djavid – responsible for the finances, Georgi Kisselinov, Feta Raouf and Georgi Poptrayanov – for the education, Stephanov and Emin Yashar – for the National Militia, and Dr.Alexander Georgiev – for the sanitation. The courts in Tito’s Yugoslavia did not forgive the freethinking and patriotism; they did not allow anybody in Macedonia to call himself “a Bulgarian”. It was said that this organization is not a political one, but a means for guaranteeing the national security. With the same reason the National Militia was organized – to gather and arm the Bulgarians for preserving the peace and the order. It was announced that the Committee was formed with the purpose of preserving the order and the security in Skopje and the neighbourhood. SINCE we are talking about mobility, and how to control the loading of the Soldier toward that end, there is no chapter from our past more instructive than Several thousands of Albanian nationalists, with Albanian flags in their hands were approaching Skopje, aiming to occupy and hold the town until the treaties for the possible new borders were signed. And it is the most important proof that it was not up to a couple of adventurers, assisted by the case and the situation, but that both of them were Bulgarian patriots who had given much of their energy in the name of a whole nation’s benefit. Despite the heavy economic situation in Macedonia at that time, their work in this direction was useful. Nikola Andonov and Stephan Stephanov – responsible for the relations with the German authorities, and Mihail Domazetov – responsible for the relations with the Bulgarian military and civil authorities. The lack of any interference on the part of any organized political powers at the time when the Ccs were organized, outlines the contours of a large white field over which the Bulgarians from Macedonia wrote with capital letters their will to be incorporated within Bulgaria. And it is a somewhat larger irony that the one junior officer who actually closed with the bayonet and thrust his weapon home was subsequently relieved because he was not sufficiently bold in leading his troops. But until the airborne front was passed through by the seaborne forces, many of these riflemen were completely dependent on the ammunition they had jumped into Normandy with-eighty rounds and two grenades. They did this without order, and often before they had engaged any of the enemy or joined up with any of their comrades. Thus, raising the slogan “For a self-dependant Macedonia”, Hadjikimov gave the citizens armament from the depot of the Regional Police Directorate. Despite all that weight, the most salient, characteristic in operations by these forces was without ” doubt the high mobility of all ranks. The Ccs were an organization which could be joined by everybody, no matter what his convictions were. The Germans tended to diminish the functions of the Committee in order that the latter should not be turned eventually into a government of the self-independent Macedonia. Further, at every point they pressed the fight hard, and the volume of fire over the whole operation proved to be tactically adequate, though supply remained generally adverse. He promised them that he would not hurry to run to Bulgaria and hide himself from the Serbians, but would stay with the population and help it. He created a “Central Committee of the National Militia of Macedonia.” On the head of the Committee was the secretary – Vassil Hadjikimov; members – Dr. of the groups got additional ammunition from bundles dropped either by the initial lift or by resupply missions. The President of the Skopje regional court was Panta Marina, and the members were Dimiter Toplichanets and Philimena Mihailova. That weapon ceased to have any major tactical value at about the time the inaccurate and short-range musket was displaced by the ride. cream trench coat men summer coats long leather trench coat men mens long coats yellow coat printed trench coats designer coats womens black trench coat sale mens coat jackets women black trench coat mens big and tall trench coats red coats for women grey coat cheap long trench coats for men coats mens black wool trench coat black spring coat classic trench coat for women fall trench coat classic womens trench coat slim fit trench coat mens best mens overcoat car coat trend coats trench jacket mens where can i get a trench coat beige trench coats trench coat with hood mens coats and jackets best trench coat for women


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