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That would be like the captain of the Titanic abandoning the ship that he helped to carelessly destroy, sneaking onto one of the limited lifeboats, and later declaring, "To have stayed on the ship would have meant failure." As it went, Captain Smith stayed on the Titanic and shot himself as the ship went down. The highly decorated and twice-wounded war hero Hitler had this slippery, sleazy, sniveling, self-promoting Smigly clown all figured out! Did the Smigster not suspect, that with his hands full fighting Germany, the bestial Stalin might capitalize on the situation and invade from the east? A man blinded by such ambition was easy pickings for the British – those undisputed historical masters of foreign intrigue – and also for the cunning Roosevelt and the Jewish operatives that surrounded him. I do not know what England would have said about a similar peace solution (Versailles) at its expense or how America or France would have accepted it. I do not know what mental condition the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals." Like a true narcissist egomaniac, he deflected any and all blame for the disaster that he and he alone engineered, later stating from his Romanian hideout: The British and French urged Smigly to allow the Soviet Army to march westward, in the event that war should break out with Germany. He was said to have died of "heart failure" just a few weeks later; or did some of his fellow Poles repay him for his folly and cowardice? However, as the war continued it was generally accepted that most of these men did have a mental disorder. Stalin was indeed ready to pounce on a distracted Poland, but his move against Germany was to be on his time-table, not that of the Allies. Does anyone really believe that the German nation will permanently stand that from such a ridiculous State? Smigly refused, stating that: "there is no guarantee that the Soviets will really take active part in the war; furthermore, once having entered Polish territory, they will never leave it". These were not sufficient, however, for the large number of soldiers returning with psychological problems. Therefore, a subjective view of an often unsympathetic examination board decided what pension, if any, the state would allocate these ex-servicemen. This involved applying electric shocks to the patient to try and cure them by stimulating nerve endings. Smigly admitted that Poland was ill-equipped for war; that the nation itself did not want war; that the Soviets posed a threat from the East; and that Poland could not afford the cost of war. The Allies only interest was to have an excuse to declare war upon Germany, and then wait for Stalin to attack Germany from the east, necessarily having to pass through Poland. There were other treatment methods which were less focused around ideas of shell-shock being due to weakness. It was hard for doctors to assess psychological disability as there were no standard criteria established for physical disability. The brutality of the mass killing gives an indication of the type of abuse that innocent Germans, trapped in Poland, had been suffering while Smigly "looked the other way". Did His Royal Smigness not suspect that his British, French, and America "allies" were just using Poland to pick a fight with Germany, only to throw her out like a used-up lemon rind afterwards? An unpleasant treatment method, “faradization,” came about due to perceptions of weakness and the need for a quick cure to enable soldiers back to fight as soon as possible. In defense of the accusation of cowardice in regard to his flight, Smigly issued more prideful excuses: Some members of the state and medical professionals were of the belief that those who were shell-shocked were malingerers and were feigning their symptoms. long beige trench coat short cotton trench coat hooded coat women ladies long jackets ladies raincoats with hood trench coat belt cashmere trench coat wool belted trench coat womens long jacket best raincoats for women bubble coats for women winter coat clearance trench with hood short trench coat for men short sleeve trench coat juniors trench coat ladies coats online female winter coats petite trench coat short floral trench coat womens winter coats with hoods raincoat sale short belted trench coat blue trench short jackets black mens trench coat short coat for women short raincoats winter pea coats for women trench coat short men


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