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The Washington University doctors quickly realized that both diagnosis and treatment had to be speedily expedited, particularly during heavy patient load. Towards the end of the summer, as the fighting and the patient load increased, advance casualty clearing stations provided an answer to the problem. There they stripped of clothing, devermined, bathed and reclothed in a hospital suit of heavy blue material. Under the British system, the stretcher wounded also had been taken directly to the wards, bathed and reclothed. Consequently, instead of taking stretcher wounded to tents, they were routed directly to the X-ray hut. Instead of assigning them directly to a ward, as the British had done, the Americans required all ambulatory wounded to enter the hospital through the bath house doors. It also avoided unnecessary congestion in the wards by classifying the patients before assignment to a hospital bed. These stations screened the wounded and labeled them according to type of wound, administered emergency care to the critical and, when possible, assigned all patients to an appropriate base hospital. A foot-controlled, roller-bearing, lead-lined X-ray tube holder, otherwise called a trochoscope, sat between the two wooden horses. For the first time, a simply designed, portable X-ray machine, safe in both direct and secondary roentgen exposure, had been designed for field work. Usually the ambulatory wounded had received dressings or splints for their injuries and had been sent right along to the base hospital wearing the same clothing in which they had been fighting. Since most of the fighting occurred during daylight hours, the wounded generally arrived at the base hospital at night. Louis doctors proved particularly valuable in helping them to refine the procedures used at the racetrack. His sensibilities, which had been blunted by shock and hardship, re-awoke instantly as he headed towards Courcelles-au-Bois and then Colincamps on the damply glistening prepared road. So different this flowing, albeit now charred and pockmarked landscape, to the challenging slopes of his native Peak district. Now, though, it was early June and the battalion had moved a few miles back from the front to a camp at Bus-les-Artois. Relived pleasures It might have been a foreign bicycle, in a foreign land, and Arthur himself was a different person to the naive young man who had left Sheffield a year ago, but the joy of pedalling surged through him just the same. He didn’t care, spinning along with the gentle waves of shallow hillocks, twisting and turning through their troughs. Of course the bike was a bit heavier and less sprightly than his Raleigh, but it rolled, and it pedalled, and right now that was all he needed. If it wasn’t a raid or counter-raid, or hidden snipers waiting for pot-shots over the trench brow, or the almost unbearable thunder of artillery shells, there was the inescapable, cloying mud. The men were not labeled according to the nature of their wounds, but this posed few problems during periods of light fighting. Ernst, with the aid of the Royal Engineers, German carpenters from a nearby prison camp and his own scavenging, had designed and constructed the best and safest fluoroscopic apparatus in the Rouen area. That way he could make a double exposure on the fluoroscope during a single examination – one on a bony landmark and one on the foreign metallic fragment. Private Alex McKenzie had been the first Sheffield lad killed, by a German rifle grenade, on the battalion’s very first morning at the front. Donna Bingham Munger is a former archivist for the Washington University School of Medicine Library, St. brown leather trench coat mens long trench coat women khaki trench coat pink trench coat double breasted trench coat long overcoat men purple trench coat trench coats for women light brown trench coat men men leather trench coat trench coat men cheap brown jackets wool trench coat women trench coat mens black classic trench coat mens black leather trench coat womens coats what is a tranch buy mens trench coat where is the marianas trench located coats for women best trench coats definition for trench facts about mariana trench trench dictionary blue trench coat cheap trench coats womens coat the trench line black trench coat women


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