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During the past century the successive advances in technology have been accompanied by corresponding advances in organization. As usual, the only safe course is in the middle, between the extremes of laissez-faire at one end of the scale and of total control at the other. Organization is indispensable; for liberty arises and has meaning only within a self-regulating community of freely cooperating individuals. Complicated machinery has had to be matched by complicated social arrangements, designed to work as smoothly and efficiently as the new instruments of production. But life in large cities is not conducive to mental health (the highest incidence of schizophrenia, we are told, occurs among the swarming inhabitants of industrial slums); nor does it foster the kind of responsible freedom within small self-governing groups, which is the first condition of a genuine democВ­racy. The dehumanizing effects of over-organization are reinforced by the dehumanizing effects of over-populaВ­tion. In order to fit into these organizations, individuals have had to deindivid-ualize themselves, have had to deny their native diverВ­sity and conform to a standard pattern, have had to do their best to become automata. It is in the social sphere, in the realm of politics and ecoВ­nomics, that the Will to Order becomes really danВ­gerous. But these errors, however reВ­grettable, do not do much harm, at any rate directly — though it sometimes happens that a bad philosophical system may do harm indirectly, by being used as a justification for senseless and inhuman actions. True, the Will to Order has proВ­duced many premature syntheses based upon inВ­sufficient evidence, many absurd systems of metaphysВ­ics and theology, much pedantic mistaking of notions for realities, of symbols and abstractions for the data of immediate experience. Here the theoretical reduction of unmanageable multiplicity to comprehensible unity becomes the practiВ­cal reduction of human diversity to subhuman uniformity, of freedom to servitude. Too much orВ­ganization transforms men and women into automata, suffocates the creative spirit and abolishes the very possibility of freedom. In ecoВ­nomics, the equivalent of a beautifully composed work of art is the smoothly running factory in which the workers are perfectly adjusted to the machines. In politics the equivalent of a fully developed scientific theory or phiВ­losophical system is a totalitarian dictatorship. People are related to one another, not as total personВ­alities, but as the embodiments of economic functions or, when they are not at work, as irresponsible seekers of entertainment. Attention should be given to local pipe laying experience that may indicate particular pipe bedding problems. These soils should not only be stable, but applied in such a manner so as to physically shield the pipe from damage. Blocking should not be used to change pipe grade or to intermittently support pipe across excavated sections. Final backfill should be placed and spread in uniform layers in such a manor to fill the trench completely so that there will be no unfilled spaces under or about rocks or lumps of earth in the backfill. Since pressure bearing capacity is not reduced with a decrease in temperature, PVC and CPVC piping are suitable for use at colder temperatures provided the fluid medium is protected from freezing, consideration is given to the effects of expansion and contraction, and additional care and attention are given during handling, installation and operation of the system to prevent physical damage caused by impact or other mechanical forces. In addition, a drop in temperature will cause the piping to contract, which must be addressed with proper system design. Cold Temperature Underground Installation of PVC and CPVC Piping: PVC and CPVC are rigid thermoplastic materials, as such, pipe stiffness increases and impact resistance decreases in colder temperature environments. Empire has always utilized the most experienced staff and most modern and well maintained tiling equipment to do large and small scale tiling jobs. These “on the fly” methods often result in damages to the pipeline they were intended to protect. Biologically speaking, man is a moderately gregarВ­ious, not a completely social animal — a creature more like a wolf, let us say, or an elephant, than like a bee or an ant. womens long coats ladies trench coat winter jackets women wool trench coat trench coat men trench coat women womens coats sale wool pea coat women spring jackets for women womens raincoats womens pea coats leather coats for women women s winter jackets mens trench coat women jackets and coats womens trench coat coat women pea coat for women ladies winter jackets coats and jackets for women black pea coat women womens parka coats winter coat women womens long winter coats winter jacket for women winter coat for women ladies raincoats women s jackets fur coats for women women jacket


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