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Strangest of all, he says, was the fate of Miss Sasaki, who was hit by a falling bookcase in the reference library of the factory where she worked: “In the first moment of the atomic age, a human being was crushed by books.” He draws this moral with typically understated eloquence at the climax of his first chapter, when he recounts what happened to all his characters at the moment of detonation. But there was also the overriding sense that this atrocity was beyond the limits of what victory should have cost. All over Hiroshima people were at that moment being pummeled to death by erupting walls, boiled alive by hurricanes of steam, and flashed into nothingness in the glare of a thousand suns. – CREDITS – Presented by: Indiana Neidell Written by: Karin Feldbacher Director: David Voss Director of Photography: Toni Steller Sound: Toni Steller Sound Design: Bojan Novic Editing: Toni Steller & Ole-Sten Haufe Research by: Indiana Neidell Fact checking: Latoya Wild & David Voss My respect for it was only increased by the way I have just reread it — after plowing through hundreds of pages of American wartime reporting (including several gung ho pieces by Hersey himself). He had several ribs broken and face much bruised, and was not in a condition to make any statement as to how he had received such injuries. As far as any reader of Hiroshima can tell, the bomb came out of nowhere, was dropped by nobody, and had no purpose. Kyoshi Tanimoto” and the rest come off as figures of intricate humanity, compared to the caricatures of Nips and Japs that had infested American newspapers and magazines. This was the deepest shock of the war: just how all-encompassingly destructive the new weapon really was. He stated that he had been shot in action some few hours previously, and was taken into a house, and after being there some hours German soldiers entered the house and one of them took hold of his nose with one hand and with the other cut his nose off ; the other soldiers then treated him in a brutal manner and subsequently left him there. In the real Japan millions of schoolchildren were being instructed in how to kill American soldiers with sharpened bamboo sticks, and the propaganda machines were proclaiming that the Japanese people were ready as one to sacrifice themselves for their emperor. But then Hersey sees no point in going into what the war might really have been like for his seven subjects. This allows Hersey to avoid any explicit debate about the morality of dropping the bomb — which would just get in the way of his desire to record what it meant to the ordinary people who were its targets, rather than to the usual subjects of military history, the godlike decision makers who were safe from its effects on the other side of the world. They bore up under the nightmare of what happened to them on that August morning with a kind of bewildered decency well beyond the reach of the typical citizen of the heartland. Because books stood for the past — they represented the whole of the dead weight of history and culture that had just been annihilated. French troops entered the mountains not just to take the fight to the Germans but to regain soil that they believed was French. And, of course, the advent of nuclear weapons has made any future large-scale massing of conventional armies — such as marked most wars up through World War II — improbable in the extreme. In fact, the only difference Hersey finds between the Japanese and the Americans is that the Japanese are kinder and more courteous. Italy also desired to expand colonial operations in Africa at German expense, but at the conclusion of World War I, the former Germanic colonies in Africa and the Near East all went to France and Great Britain. As he was lying on the ground wounded and helpless the German soldiers came up to him and one of them took hold of his right hand and cut the three fingers off. A few hours later, on the same date, a soldier named Eugenie was brought in who was also shot in the chest and had three fingers of his right hand hacked off ; the latter injury, he said, was caused after he had been shot (at the moment that he was bending down to place an explosive in position for the purpose of blowing up a bridge). The moment the bomb went off at Hiroshima, the unbridgeable cultural divisions between Japan and America were erased — not because their citizens attained some sort of reconciliation or higher understanding, but because they were both now part of the atomic age, where everybody on earth was a potential victim. This part of the Western Front is very different to others and in some ways challenges our view of what the front was like and reminds us of the sacrifice that took place in all too often forget sectors like Le Linge. 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