what happened in the trenches

Cooper explains how allied air supremacy was so great that trucks were driven end-to-end for miles with their headlights on to get superior numbers and mass on the enemy to overwhelm him. Reality dictates that Army units must be able to–fight in all directions at any time—to control FLOT circles. For purposes of discussing the invention, it is to be understood that various terms are used by those knowledgeable in the art to describe apparatus, techniques, and approaches. The only “Forward Line of Troops” (FLOT) is wherever your units are and these are small FLOT circles that have only local control possibilities not FLOT lines firmly controlling large areas of terrain. The conductive layers of the multiple layer printed circuit boards can be connected to each other using vias, which are plated with conductive material to provide plated through holes. The Army in love with computer mental gymnastics espoused by Alvin and Heidi Tofffler, has forgotten there is a huge difference between knowing and being able to physically DO something about it. The present invention is illustrated by way of example and not limitation in the figures of the accompanying drawings, in which like references indicate similar elements and in which: Another disturbing reality in the Iraq urban guerrilla war is the huge number of casualties compared to dead in contrast to other wars where blast effects have been absorbed by soft rural terrain. Clearly we, the reformers that put people first—think we need “Starship Troopers” with some robust tracked armored fighting vehicles to FIGHT THE ENEMY FROM SUPERIORITY. that fail when actually tried in the real world fail against enemies with more men with AKMs and RPGs than our Zero population growth west could ever match. Army is over its basic identity and future driven by two different schools of thought in a vacuum of classical military understanding . Steering firepower by mouse-clicks has not worked and you would think that the Army doing the actual physical ground maneuver would know this better than anyone else in DoD. A good tracked mobile, protected infantry can shrug off enemy non-linear bomb ambushes and not fire wildly into innocent civilians making them into new recruits for the anti-American guerrilla movement. However, the Tofflerian mental gymnastics that with computers “we can do more with less” physical men and means makes the Army fatally vulnerable in allegedly cost-cutting rubber-tired wheeled vehicles, creating preventable casualties that the Tofflerians then use as proof that we need to spend more money on firepower bombardment. When they are done blowing things up, it falls upon the neglected Army to actually defeat the enemy nation-state army, mop-up enemy resistance and rebuild the country. The vias are located across the printed circuit board and connected to mounting locations on the outer conductive planes using conductive traces. The Tofflerian mandarins gut the Army of tracked armored vehicles in favor of expensive guided bombs thinking all war is is blowing things up . A clearance space in a metalized layer may be provided around a via to avoid connecting with that layer. That is, mounting pads for integrated circuits and surface mount components may not be directly connected to plated through holes, but can be connected to the plated through hole locations using a patterned conductive trace. LIGHT INFANTRY IN TRUCKS AND ON FOOT WE ARE JUST OCCUPYING MENTALITY that offers our Soldiers unprotected to enemy bombs and RPGs going off, blast effects magnified by urban terrain. In the minds of too many Army officials, Tofflerian computer graphics have painted a mythical arena where wheeled trucks and armored cars can shuttle men and supplies forward to “the edge” of a linear battlefield much like Belton Cooper describes took place in WWII Europe in his book, Deathtraps. For the reasons stated above, and for other reasons stated below which will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon reading and understanding the present specification, there is a need in the art for a printed circuit board which addresses the above concerns while maintaining current circuit board assembly quality, including solder joints. These multiple layer circuit boards are fabricated such the conductive layers are each separated by a dielectric layer so that the intermediate conductor layers providing power and the ground planes to the printed circuit board are not in contact except by vias. Unless you are one of his sycophants, equipped with a good set of knee-pads and plenty of lip balm, you can expect to be booted down the stairs on a regular basis. As long as the true cost figures of the heavily overweight and road-bound wheeled vehicles never becomes widely known public knowledge, the lies of “doing more with less” can continue. black mac coat women ladies single breasted trench coat trench coat with a hood mens long trench coat cheap long trench coat mens black leather pea coat trench coat rain jacket mens raincoats long single breasted trench coat for women buy mac coat trench coat with hood womens light trench coat old trench coat trench jackets for women double breasted trench coat for women black trench coat men cheap cheap red trench coat with hood mens trenchcoat where can i buy trench coats trench coat with hoodie short navy trench coat full length leather trench coat purple trench coat men brown coat womens white womens trench coat khaki trench coats long black trench coats for men full length womens trench coat macintosh coat mens coat long


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