what are the trenches

Among the countless cruelties the prisoners of the camps suffered were incessant experiments in techniques of mass sterilization. White marble ministry buildings were massed along new radiating boulevards — the whole lunatic tangle of Nazi bureaucracy securely enshrined at the heart of the Greater Reich. In October, outside Ypres, we were in trenches and were attacked, and had to retire until reinforced by other companies of the Royal Fusiliers. Arches or pediments or rows of pillars could be reinforced far beyond the requirements of the load they would carry, so that they would still be standing after the rest of the structure was dust — ensuring that even the wreckage of the Reich would inspire awe. The way Hitler saw it, the new moral, hygenic Nazi society would lead to a skyrocketing Aryan birthrate, and waves of pioneers would come streaming into the newly cleared expanses of the Ukraine. I heard the Germans firing as they went along our trenches, and I was told by a wounded man of the Scots Guards that they were shooting at our wounded men. In his table talk he dwelled less and less on his vision of the Greater Reich and was more and more given to ranting about who — industrialists, bankers, generals — was sabotaging him the most. Tens of millions of them would be sent to the death camps right away, and the carefully bred, selectively sterilized remnants would be kept alive as slave labor until the Aryan population was sufficiently well established for the herds to be thinned again. In his table talk he would sometimes laughingly say that France and England could keep their precious parliaments and opposition parties if such things mattered to them. He could spend hours checking out this or that detail — calculating the line of sight from the ministry of housing to the triumphal arch, or idly musing on whether the expanses of governmental marble around the ministry of security would need to be broken by some decorative trees. I found a private of the Sussex who had just come out of the trenches into a little wood and was hit in the left shoulder. Every thug and flunky in the party lingered over the display, fondly wondering where his office would be. But it would be a mistake to think that the death camps were some sort of aberration in the Nazi system, some secret excess brought on by the desperation of the war. Shells and bullets were flying all round us, and it is impossible for me to say how many of our men were so treated, but I saw the Germans myself doing it, and am quite sure of it. He often compared this to the way America had been colonized and even lamented the absence of a German myth of wide-open spaces comparable to that of the American western frontier. Two or three German infantry men came up to him and, though he begged for mercy, they killed him with the bayonet. Whilst I was endeavouring to get away I saw a private in the Scots Guards lying wounded and disabled in the trench. Only a handful of the thousands of concentration camps and prison camps and work camps scattered throughout the Reich were specifically built as death camps, and those — Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka — were hidden in the remoteness of the Polish countryside. There would be a spectacular network of freeways, rivaling the great roads of the Roman empire, linking the Crimea and Norway, the Urals and the coast of France. After I was wounded I and four other wounded men crawled to a village and took refuge in the cellar of a house. By then all the Jews would be gone, and the Slavic peoples of eastern Europe would be reduced to docile herds of subhuman chattel. A number of the Germans were lined up on the opposite side of the road and as we were forced across the room they shot us point blank with their rifles. It was profoundly satisfying to him to see how his vision of the future was at last sprouting into such tangible and intricate life. Hitler proposed a vast expansion eastward, the armies of the Greater Reich conquering all of Europe to the Urals. (The allegorical choice in the Ring between love and absolute power meant nothing to him.) Sometimes he talked as though that world was more real to him than the daylight world around him — as if the whole of modern civilization was an evil mirage obscuring the unceasing flow of mythic struggle. meaning of trench life on the trenches soldier in the trenches trenches life trenches form at sites where marianne trench mens hooded trench coat where is marianas trench the trench game red trench coat for men marian trench live in the trenches military trenches jobs in the trenches what it was like in the trenches trench living conditions trench information trenches layout trenches around the world deep ocean trench trench rats lice and rats in the trenches trench fire step trenches in ww2 gallipoli trench conditions first trench the marianas trench what was trench life like mariana s winter trench coat men


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