It is a little difficult to work exactly what is connected to what, not least because the background appears to have been erased by some unsubtle retouching, but I think that the format is the same as the British model; there are two horns in a horizontal plane, and on one side of the mounting there are two more in a vertical plane. This much more impressive piece of apparatus was called the Ringtrichterrichtungshoerer (or RRH) which Matthias Warkus tells me translates literally as “ring funnel direction hearer”, or more accurately: “ring-horn acoustic direction detector”. This was another piece of misinformation as radar sets were already in widespread use for searchlight control at that date. The locator and control station were connected by cables to the searchlight and a mobile electricity generator. There seems to be another locator with four round horns visible at the lower right of the locator in the foreground. My clumps of catmint ( Nepeta Г— faassenii ) had become flattened mats of brittle stems, gratifying to break into bits with my fingers. Note there are three horns and not four, the one in the middle here being shared between the horizontal and vertical planes. It incorporated newer materials and an updated design to reduce interference from ambient sounds, whether environmental or from noise induced by its own mechanisms. (Yes.) I can only imagine her garden as a happy riot of liveliness and abundance but she saw something else: an overcrowded, dissonant, and thirsty hoard. The man in the middle reads bearing and elevation from dials and transmits it by telephone to the air defence system where the results from several locators can be combined to triangulate the target, and give its approximate height and position. But save spring bloomers until after their display, and wait for hydrangeas’ buds to show signs of life before whacking them back. If you have any dormant pruning to do – remedial shaping of trees and shrubs, removal of damaged branches, deadwood, and fruit trees’ water sprouts – now’s the time. It was obsolete and found to be unsatisfactory, very likely because the small horns would have given little acoustic gain. It is not clear what the depressed-looking fellow on the left is doing, but his colleague on the right appears to be in charge of adjusting both bearing and azimuth, using two coaxial hand-wheels. The horizontal pair of square horns determined the azimuth of the aircraft, and the vertical pair determined the elevation. Like the British and French versions, the RRH was also composed of four horns, two to determine bearing, and two for elevation, arranged in aring. Nothing much is known about this picture of less than stunning quality, but it appears to show the same war-tubas as the picture above. These locators continued to be deployed when radar sets were introduced, in the hope of convincing the Germans that the US searchlight battalions were still dependant on acoustic location. It was formally called a “Doppelt RichtungshпїЅrer” or “Double-direction listener” but informally, a Wertbostel . I read an article last week (a few weeks ago now) by Valerie Easton, avid gardener and Seattle Times columnist, whose New Year’s resolution was to plant less. The function of the machine in the middle with the bicycle wheel is obscure; presumably it was to keep the locator and the searchlight pointing in the same direction. I asked a gardener with a better memory than mine if spring was early the last time El NiГ±o was at the controls. She describes plunking spring’s impulse purchases into vacancies that occasionally turn out to be occupied by something that hasn’t emerged from dormancy yet. Regrettably a poor quality image, but showing a completely different design with a conventional four-horn format. That stuff wanted collecting and I snipped and snapped the remaining stems to reveal emerging foliage belonging to a few bulbs I planted nearby last fall or the one before. fur trench coat long winter coats women girls black trench coat trench coat lady velvet trench coat red and black trench coat black trench coat long wool coats women black trench coat with red lining overcoat women vinyl trench coat spring jackets for ladies ladies black coat stylish trench coat designer coats for women womens wool pea coat hooded pea coat women ladies parka coats trench coat mango trenc coat white double breasted trench coat beltless trench coat parka coats women trentch coat blue leather trench coat down trench coat boys black trench coat pink trench coat women ladies leather trench mens black trench coat long


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