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(ed note: Titus Crow steps out of his grandfather-clock-like time machine several million years in the future) the natural olive tree (Israel) had its natural branches broken off( by denying their Messiah) and the branches of the wild olive tree (Gentiles) were grafted in. We may establish colonies on the planets, but they may be unable to maintain themselves at more than a marginal level of existence, with no energy left over to spark any cultural achievements. a free gift from Jesus Christ for horrific SUFFERING ON THE CROSS,and thankfully death ending that suffering, but believe Christ rose from the dead AND BEAT DEATH,TO SAVE YOU! The interspaces between the buildings were choked with forest-growth, broken by a few small fields and garden-plots. By establishing regular maritime traffic across the greatest of oceans, writes Toynbee, they “won their footing on the specks of dry land which are scattered through the watery wilderness of the Pacific almost as sparsely as the stars are scattered through space.” But the effort defeated them at last, and they relapsed into primitive life. By the time the Nemesis was following the Space Scourge and the Lamia down, towed by her own pinnaces, the illusion that they were approaching a living city had vanished. History has one parallel as striking as it is ominous, for long ago the Polynesians achieved a technical tour-de-force which may well be compared with the conquest of space. For the most part, the smaller buildings scattered widely around them were standing, though here and there mounds of brush-grown rubble showed where some had fallen in. There may be many Easter Islands of space in the aeons to come — abandoned planets littered not with monoliths but with the equally enigmatic debris of another defeated technology. Something of the same sort had scored on the far edge of the spaceport, and one of the eight arrowheads of docks and warehouses was an indistinguishable slag-pile. king of kings: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains: round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, The lone and level sands stretch far away. The Apostles and the early followers of Yeshua were almost all Jewish and were not called Christians but those of the way or Nazarenes. At first, the two towers seemed as sound as when they had been built; gradually it became apparent that one was broken at the top. I met a traveler from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Only you can save yourself and your brothers by following a moral code against greed-avarice, materialism, judgment and exceptionalism. ” It takes an awful lot of people, working together at an awful lot of jobs, to keep a civilization running. I wish that I had the words of a speaker like Winston Churchill but I dont I just limp along with it all in my head and my heart. The book of revelation speaks about how Jews and whore of babylon which is Jerusalem will be punished for they killed apostles,prophets and matrys only Jews have done that. The spaceport looked good—a central octagon mass of buildings, the landing-berths, and, beyond, the triangular areas of airship docks and warehouses. Now anyone can be in Christ through the Spirit to the Father, by the operation of His power, headed up, raised up in Christ Himself to the church. (ed note: Percy Shelley and his friend Horace Smith were in a friendly competition to write a sonnet about the new statue of Ramesses II in the British Museum. We might never have known of their astonishing achievement had it not left, on Easter Island, a memorial that can hardly be overlooked. Stop following fairy tales in the bible and chasing the white hat bunny called jesus looking to be saved. whatever it may be..claim Jesus Christ your Lord,Savior,and King of Kings of all things today..repent your sin[s] today,and bring Jesus Christ into your heart and life for salvation and eternal life. car coats trench coat military suede coats trench coat buy online womens red hooded trench coat trench coats for ladies mens leather trench coat designer trench coat men trench coat for short ladies trench coat color black long trench coat men men trench coat with hood best trench coat for men overcoat mens khaki trench coats for women trenchcoat men trench coats for women on sale trench coat women cheap skater trench coat trench coat mens full length big and tall leather trench coat womens black trench coats trench coat brand mens long brown coat trench style hooded trench coat for women mens grey wool trench coat double breasted leather trench coat womens long raincoat trench long brown coat


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