very trench coat

It was soon compelled to depart from this sound principle and give shipping priority to welfare goods. After the children returned to class, we had a few minutes to conduct a foot parade, and for Lyndon to replace some buttons he had lost. But with the coming of the Age of Motor Vehicles Unlimited, Soldiers began to think that the facts of life had diametrically changed. Foot parade was a very important part of a soldier’s day in the Great War, after days stood in wet boots and socks, trench foot was a real threat. It was an interesting experience for us, as we are not historians, so we stuck to what we knew was right! For us, it was more about blister prevention, but as we have varying quality of boots, it made sense to experience it. Due to the night gear we were carrying, we all walked for the first leg of our day’s march, carrying the equipment on the stretcher. The same thing would happen again in joint operation unless there were established in peacetime a mechanism for standardizing and equalizing the shore arrangements and privileges of the services wherever they operate together In war. This equated to the weight of a small person and was still not an easy task in the rain that blew across the open Mileham road. I woke periodically throughout the night to adjust my sleeping position, and re-wrap my blanket which seemed to want to allow my boots to escape. Whilst sat in the rain a car pulled up and a young lady invited us to Mileham Primary School to talk to the children. The bacon had to be fatty, as that is what the soldiers wrote about, and we had one slice each, accompanied with a single slice of wholemeal bread dipped in the bacon fat. What the Navy does for its men aboard ship is quite another matter; the rule should be equal conditions for all Americans engaged in joint service. Our field was flat, well drained and lightly harrowed, so ideal conditions, and even then it was hard. We marched away and as the rain stopped we found ourselves on a largely off road stretch which eased the going for our metal studded feet. We set down in the playground and had a chat with the kids about the kit, the effort, and the war in general. That we did not pay an exorbitant price for this encumbering weight was only because we were meeting an enemy already short of shipping and other resources. The temperature was dropping now, and after Lyndon had sewn on some more buttons we decided to press on. Lyndon had picked up a knee injury, Stephen’s feet were less then good, and my Achilles tendons were causing me pain. The load continued to increase as one service vied with another in trying to make its men feel especially favored. In the beginning the Army had stuck to the policy of shipping luxury goods only when there was stowage space beyond that required for essential military cargo. We didn’t have any Whale oil, so we simulated that with Vaseline, and after a generous dose of foot powder we pulled up our socks and got away. Our morale had taken a bit of a bashing on the way in, walking in studded boots with at laden stretcher on a fast road in the rain is not for the faint hearted! We moved on, alternating between carrying and walking, as the muscle and joint strain was starting to tell now. The result was the demoralization of the service which felt Itself discriminated against by higher authority, and forced by the country to suffer unnecessary hardship. peacoat with hood wwi conditions womens long raincoat white winter coats for women womens winter coats for sale information about trenches long womens coat gray trench coat in trenches womens rain jacket with hood life in the trenches sources ww2 trenches facts trench network living conditions in trenches womens long raincoat with hood long winter coat women trench description wwi trench model silk trench coat womens wool pea coats how was life in the trenches how were trenches built what was it like to live in the trenches winter coats and jackets why were trenches built frontline trenches world trenches pleated trench coat wwi trench diagram soldier in trenches


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