trenches meaning

Home Front: Great Britain Churchill holds the first weekly meeting of the Government’s Overlord Preparation Committee. A shortened form of the term ‘consolidated’, used where a number of mines were brought together and worked under a common management eg. The British quickly blow up the bridge, losing much of their equipment with their forces only partially across; those left behind have to use boats. This move enables Germany to increase its power in the Balkans and provides a route for forces earmarked to invade Greece The prime minister has been out of the country since he left for Cairo and Tehran conferences the previous November. A manually or steam-operated winding drum, usually installed on a mine to raise pitwork from the shaft for maintenance or repair. The Sittang River is the only major physical obstacle in the path of the Japanese forces moving toward Rangoon, the capital. For a pumping engine, this equipment was often contained within a pair of masonry walls projecting from the bob wall towards the shaft. An abortive Union raid against Richmond’s defenses ends in the destruction or capture of much of attackers. It also recommends a ban on all diplomatic communications by the British representatives of neutral and friendly countries prior to the invasions – except, of course, the United States. Other patterns of calciner were also devised, most being named after their designers (eg Oxland, Hocking and Loam). An under-floor area within the foundation levels of an Engine House between the CYLINDER PLAT and the Bob Wall, containing the regulating apparatus and giving access to cylinder hold-down bolts. Floyd, vetoed a breakout from the fort at a time when most of the garrison could easily have escaped. Following an inconclusive opening engagement, the Japanese inflict severe losses using their faster “Long Lance” torpedoes. Floyd, fearing that as a former U.S secretary of war he might be tried for treason, resolves to join part of the garrison that plans to escape from the fort under cover of night. The narrow excavation resulting from stoping on a lode being carried to or from surface on part or all of a lode. Then, when a surprise attack yesterday punched a hole in the Union line, his second-in-command, Gideon J. The German battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnborst, and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, supported by destroyers and air cover, leave Brest and sail through the English Channel. Among their first discussions are proposals to clear civilian hospitals of patients, in order to make room for the thousands of military casualties expected on D-Day. The often large, arched opening in the rear wall of an engine through which the steam cylinder was brought into an engine house during the erection of the engine. At the battle of the Sittang River, the British are withdrawing across a single bridge over the river when Japanese troops make a sudden crossing elsewhere. During the “Channel Dash” to the North Sea, both battle cruisers hit mines and need repairs. The cast-iron cylinder set in a tank of cold water immediately in front of the bob wall of an engine house in which the exhaust steam was condensed, creating a vacuum which greatly increased the efficiency of a steam engine. British operations to contain the threat of these commerce-raiders are easier while the vessels are in port. South Vietnam, Ground War Operation Desoto begins along South Vietnam’s coast near Nui Dang and Vinh Binh. mens black leather trench coat definition for trench red trench coat with hood buy trench coat buy mens trench coat ladies trench coats trench coat men cheap womens coat green trench coat kids brown trench coat trench coat for women coats for women tan trench coat womens coats trench coat men sale brown wool coat ladies trench coat mens black long coats for women khaki trench coat what is a tranch women trench coat brown leather trench coat mens trench coat with hood beige trench coat trench coats for women light brown trench coat men double breasted trench coat raincoats for women best trench coats hooded trench coat


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