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The experiences we had from the Pillow staff certainly led us through some memorable experiences of the Lille-Lille tour. At the beginning of the novel nationalist feelings are present through pride of Paul and the rest of the boys. We knew the warmth of those townsfolk by their wonderful decorations in the street, and in the sincerity of the Menin Gate ceremony at Ypres. Assignment Write poetry that reflects the personal feelings of the people who experienced World War I. Richard Travers, a lawyer and author, has skilfully combined letters, diaries, biographies and autobiographies, as well as forty-five on-the-spot photographs, to graphically bring alive the experiences of the young diggers who offered their lives in the service of their country on the western front. In contrast to the various Australian War Memorials, I found the German mass grave memorial at Langemark very confronting. Without doubt, the Western Front ANZAC Day coach tour we did with Rick and Pillow Tours was one of the best experiences in our many years of travel. Diggers in France not only compelling describes the diggers at battle in the front line, but also their lives away from the front when wounded or on leave. If services take some of these simple approaches to marking up documents in HTML for delivery via the Web, we will have fewer users complaining able unreadable or slow links. That was extremely sad to me, almost more so than being in the same town that my grand-father served. This is because most graphical browsers provide the option for the user to turn inlined images off which many dialup users take advantage of and it must also be remembered that there are still a large number of people using text based browsers such as lynx. They suffered terrible casualties under the impetuous command of British generals who believed that losses were “the price of victory”. All of the most important sites were covered in a short period of time, including the Last Post at Menin Gate, a number of significant Cemeteries from all sides with expert guidance, preserved trenches to reinforce the terrifying realities our soldiers faced, and importantly for me a stop at Bullecourt where my great-grandfather fought. The diggers, many of them veterans of the heroically doomed Gallipoli campaign, preferred France: “There were no girls to talk to on Gallipoli, and no beer, white or red wine,” wrote a Sergeant Denning. Incredibly, in places the front line was only a thousand metres from rest areas where they could enjoy a coffee; it was possible to be in the trenches one day and in London the next. Electronic Libraries have the opportunity to become show cases of good HTML markup and high quality information provision. If a document is to be widely available on the Web, the number of inlined images should be kept to a minimum and they should only be used for decoration or have their content replicated in textual links. HTML is a great way of providing useful functionality to end users and has helped push the lowest common denominator up a little from pure plain ASCII text in many situations. Proprietary vendor extensions are best avoided for widely used services, documents should include an indication of which HTML DTD they conform to and some form of validation should be performed. This novel is able to portray the overwhelming effects and power war has to deteriorate the human spirit. However, Electronic Library service providers must be aware that how they mark their documents up will affect their usability and thus usefulness to the end user. Public services should also avoid heavy use of inlined images to carry information content as it alienates users on slow links and non-graphical browsers. The vision of row upon row of graves, so neatly kept in Australian War Cemeteries, with the wreaths of beautiful flowers at the memorial cenotaphs, are etched in our mind. It was a powerful and emotional experience for all of us on board, culminating in the Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux where the WWI Australian Memorial stands, and the rising sun catches WWII bullet holes as a poignant reminder that the devastation we were observing was not the war to end all wars. 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