Meanwhile, the band kept busy securing opening spots with The Colourist, Drowners, Strange Talk, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, and shared festival stages with The War on Drugs, Of Montreal, and Torres. Describing late night tales of gritty New York City streets, Mainland quickly gained a name for themselves with praise pouring in from tastemakers like NYLON, SPIN, Interview Magazine, BrooklynVegan, Consequence of Sound and Rolling Stone. We had a talk with our manager who was also the owner of the label and he was like okay here’s the options. They are all the beautiful places you have been, all the strange places you are bound to end up, and everywhere in between. Something is really going on and we still don’t have that radio and we don’t have much promotion and stuff like that but we’re getting there. So we did get some support with that but we were wow three hundred people, four hundred people for our first real headlining run. The result is an expansive collection of tracks, including their new single, “Outcast” — a disenchanted tale that was born (surprisingly) under the bright, shining lights of Los Angeles. I feel like when that kicks in and with this record, it will kind of remind people that we’re still around. Do you want to go for the states and we’ll just do it independently or not and everybody just gets a little paycheck. This summer the band will be performing dates throughout North America, giving audiences a sneak peak at material from Astoria. Especially when you’re a Canadian band, like you don’t have the whole world to generate revenue from. I remember being there in New York in the hotel with Matt being like, we’re never going to fucking do it. Sites like is a list of the domains that rank on the same keywords as the current domain in the organic (i.e. The good news is that the original photograph included other soldiers and even though only the section showing her father has survived, it is still possible that multiple copies exist. The cool thing with Canada is we did tour one, two, three, four, five or six times before we were selling four or five hundred tickets. In addition to ensuring I produced a fair and balanced coverage, I had the challenge of covering four parliamentary constituencies – Westmorland & Lonsdale, Barrow and Furness and marginal seats Lancaster & Fleetwood and Morecambe & Lunesdale. This is a blog dedicated to all your marianas trench secrets 🙂 You can submit something you wish you could say to the boys or something you wish you could do with the boys. Lyrics, Midi, Origins, Historical Information And Background For Traditional Tunes From Britain more University of Leeds student Timothy Forster, who was part of the group who selected the items for the exhibition, said: ‘The brooch is a bizarre and rather puzzling item that has prompted lots of questions. Even if the soldier is Canadian he could still be one of thousands who served in an Engineering unit during the First World War. Here below is a portfolio of the interviews that I conducted over a five-month period, leading up to reporting on the Lancaster & Fleetwood and Morecambe & Lunesdale counts on election results night: Little more is known about the veteran’s later life and experts at the university are searching for more information on the war hero. Growing up the young girl was told nothing about her father and was told not to bring up the subject at all. Her birth certificate reveals nothing of his identity and her only keepsake was the photo included above. I lost him totally unexpected and while everyone tells me to not forget that he was not human, I mourn him as if he was.


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