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To conclude,the general opinion is that Germany had quality while Russians had quantity (to put it simply) and for those that state it was not the case I have the simple question: Than what made the Wehrmacht so efficient? On the other hand,it would be much easier if,for example,SS would write articles describing what was good in Nazi Germany and what made the Nazi War Machine so efficient. Once you absorb all that and connect the influences, if you still have questions as to why the Wermacht managed to advance so quickly in an Europe that was unprepared and buying time, come here and ask again. They were also highly trained and co-ordinated, with less of the egotistical wankering that the allies and russians were prone to (or stalins purges) If the general level of German tanks were what Ensign documents, this would become apparant within the first encounters with German tanks, and the Soviets (or Americans) would quickly develop a manual that states that you just need to hit a German tank once or twice and it will fail. So,in your opinion,how did Germany managed to be so efficient during the war is still a mystery and to understand it you have to spend half of your life in a library.Right,that makes perfect sense. When the contractors wanted to save money on the ceramic bolt-on armor they changed the makeup of the arm without bothering to tell anyone and it took years of it failing before they were called out on it. You see, there are people called historians, and also military historians, that spend their time doing what you need to do, and then make books, and then earn money, hopefully. Soviet trials included rapid heating and cooling of the hulls, followed by shooting at them, and inspection for cracks. The individual concrete sections made up the veins of the grate which supported aircraft traffic over the trench drain. In Germany, they had such steel supply problems that they were forced to stop replacing their supply of railroad cargo cars almost entirely in order to build more war materiel. The Germans, being the evil underhanded fiends that they were, did not use US Ordnance plates on their Panther and Tiger tanks. No,thank you,I prefer to accept that they simply were better trained and had better equipment,like all evidence suggest,apart from some obscure documents that nobody heard about. How about,instead of saying that they were some Barbarians and spend our lives trying to understand how they managed to conquer us we accept that their technology was superior,like everyone else does? The trench covering was made of individual concrete “plates” which stood on end, packed together as if on a book shelf. In most cases, the areas that used concrete drainage covers were predominantly for foot or light vehicle traffic (Class A or B). (Has anyone counted missing manhole covers in Detroit lately?) However, I was impressed how large surface drainage was accomplished without the obvious use of metal grates. Sometimes, you need to just keep people from stepping in the animal drippings off the butcher’s table or make the entrance to your store a little smoother. If you need a trench covering in a high traffic area where bulky concrete grates will not work, an inexpensive metal covering is the next option. Good doctrine and good C&C is much more important than the biggest gun or the thickest armour plate. Concrete commonly finds itself as a trench covering material in regions of the world where metal products are precious or where labor rates are low. He said: “Reality television cannot recreate the true smell of death – the mixture of quicklime and chlorine gas. I am wiling to accept this things when someone will explain to me how the F did an average army,with nothing really special managed to achieve such military superiority during WWII?! The left shoulder has four Newey hook snaps sewn on so that a second patch or blood chit could be snapped on and off (it is missing). With the cover gone, it is easier for trash to collect in the trench, thus making water quality more difficult to maintain. trenchcoats long trench trenchs white trench ladies trench coat hooded winter coat parka outerwear coats for women trench coat classic trench life womens jackets coats trench court ladies designer coats womens winter coat with hood women winter coats sale womens trench coat trench coat coat and jackets for women trench boxes trench safety trench coat sale womens wool winter coats wwi trenches women pea coat the trench what was life like in the trenches trenchcoat online trench jacket trenchcoat beige mens trench coat


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