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The US, imo, played a very minor role in stopping it – and schooling in the US greatly exaggerates that little bit. I wanted to place Walter in the context of other black soldiers, other black war heroes, so that he no longer stands alone as a black British historical figure. Germany and Japan would probably go to war, as Japan always had interest in German New Guinea, which would probably lead into the german occupation and annexation of the Japanese empire. I read somewhere that before WWI, foreign observers saw Russia as an emerging superpower (both economically and militarily), really making extraordinary leaps in technology and industrialisation. Russia would have survived with an intact reputation as a juggernaut and the idiot they had for a King would have probably kept his position. Ironically, such a swift end to the war would also cut off any blame against the Jews for the result of the war. But Germany would probably have retained their vassal states in east Europe, Byelorussia, the Grand Duchy of the Baltics, Ukraine, and Poland. Either a United States of the Danube Franz Ferdinand-type plan is implemented or Austria falls into the kingdoms of Austria (which would undoubtedly become part of Germany), Hungary (which Charles I von Habsburg seemed to prefer), Yugoslavia and maybe Bohemia. Like i stated a Russian-german animosity would without a doubt spring up, and like i stated im really interested in this part. actually it is widely known that germany did not wish to annex belguim they wanted to establish a vassal from what i ve read but i doubt the british or americans would have permited this, the most likely scenario would have been them taking the Belgian congo and take the polish strip in poland like they planned to otl. The problem with the view of Russia being “destined” to violent communist revolution is that we look at it from the perspective of such a revolution actually having happened. To put it simply, Britain could not have succeeded in ‘winning’ the war (with their allies) and defeating their enemies if they had not asked for help and support from their ‘colonies’. Russia, by the time of the Marne battle, had already lost Tannenberg and the multitude of problems facing their military system had been exposed. On their return to Britain, white servicemen did not come back to the promised ‘land fit for heroes’. It was difficult to find examples of black women who took part in the war effort, such as nurses or factory workers. The USA might have signed an alliance with Germany, as the only reason Britain and the USA are currently friends is because of World War I. Even though there are a number of books available about Walter Tull, and much information available about him on the internet, I have included a chapter about him. Even if the war just lasts until the Marne, that still means fighting took place in Africa and Asia to a noticeable extent. They still have the flat out best navy, they lose barely any troops, and they get sympathy in other nations for having stuck it out with the French and the Belgians. It was relatively easy to find examples of black women entertaining the troops and the British public in music halls. The military did not want black soldiers ruling over whites, but there were exceptions, such as Walter Tull, who did gain promotion and commanded white soldiers. The Germans taking Paris via the Battle of the Marne probably means the BEF would get hammered during the action as well. All these countries, though, will definitely be under the Prussian centre of influence, so Germany will become the dominant power in Eastern Europe. IF the Germans take Paris and force the French to terms, they are going to go for more than a little territory. This led to an emotional debate on how the Black unlike other communities are not given the recognition or widely represented in Western documentation about their contribution to supporting England (and Europe) during the WWs. coat jacket women women trench jacket black pea coats for women long leather coats for women navy blue mac coat rainwear for women quilted coats for women ladies trench coat mac inexpensive trench coats ladies winter coats with hoods duffel coats belted coats womens red coat womens long jackets trench for men navy trench coats white winter jackets for women trench coat long men hooded trench coat mens black winter coat mens macs coats womens mac trench coat corky coats womens long leather trench coat denim trench coat women spring macs trench coats suit trench coat high low trench coat barn coats trench coat petite women


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