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As it moves, a plate can transform or slide along another, converge or move into another, or diverge or move away from another. Cooling and becoming denser, the rock then sinks back toward the core, where it will be heated once more. He was admired as a boldly original theorist; in the forty-year strategic chess match between East and West, it sometimes seemed as if Marshall were playing a three-dimensional game. One option for countering the Soviet advantage was the deployment of “tactical” nuclear weapons to Europe. The top-secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was funding a program called Assault Breaker, which was designed to strike far behind enemy lines, disrupting or destroying follow-on forces, gaining time and cover for the Western alliance to launch a counter-offensive. When two continental plates converge, they will crumple up and compress, forming complex mountain ranges. He headed a unit called the Office of Net Assessment (he was its first and only director), which had evolved over the years into a sort of in-house Pentagon think tank. That made him the resident deep thinker, and what Marshall, who was in his late seventies, had been thinking about for every President since Richard Nixon (and for two decades before that at the Rand Corporation) was how America could prevail in the next big war. In the event of a conventional Soviet attack, NATO forces would be forced to wage a fighting retreat until reinforcements arrived, mostly from the United States. This is the only environment on Earth supported by a food chain that does not depend on the energy of the Sun or photosynthesis. The part of the mantle immediately beneath the lithosphere is called the asthenosphere (pronounced as-THEN-uh-sfeer). During the campaign, he had vowed to give his Secretary of Defense “a broad mandate to challenge the status quo and envision a new architecture of American defense for decades to come,” and he had chosen Rumsfeld because he believed that he would be more willing and better able than the other candidates to pursue his agenda. In the post-Vietnam nineteen-seventies, the Soviet-led forces of the Warsaw Pact conducted a steady, massive buildup of heavy forces—tanks and mechanized infantry—along the western edge of East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Among those gathered at the River Parade Field for the Rumsfeld ceremony was an elderly man with a pleasant, grandfatherly aspect, who, amid the political celebrities and military brass, might have been taken for someone who had strayed from a Pentagon tour group. The contents and scope of that agenda were not yet known, but Rumsfeld made it clear that his approach to the military was very much hands-on. the lithosphere, the heated rock moves along the base of the lithosphere, exerting dragging forces on the tectonic plates. In the early nineteen-eighties, Marshall and his colleagues began to notice in their reading of Soviet military literature that the Russians were writing about this new American weaponry with increasing alarm. Hydrothermal vents are surrounded by unusual forms of sea life, including giant clams, tube worms, and unique types of fish. But he had already turned his focus on something that he believed was of immense and pressing importance. It was hardly a secret that the military was badly in need of reform; everyone in uniform knew it, and those analysts and scholars who populated the think tanks of Washington had been fixated on the subject for most of a decade. These organisms live off bacteria that thrive on the energy-rich chemical compounds transported by hydrothermal fluids. As a pro-defense Republican, Bush would have the political capital to bring about genuine, even historic, change. The American military continued through the nineteen-nineties to train, plan, and equip itself to fight an enemy—the Soviet Union—that no longer existed. Twenty thousand battle tanks, mostly Soviet, faced west; on the other side, NATO fielded a force of only seven thousand tanks. In a test of Assault Breaker at the White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico, the system hit five out of five targets. black trench jacket olive trench coat small trench coat black trench coat ladies camel trench coat women womens black mac coat long mens trench coat black mens brown coat trench coat jacket men toggle coats trench coat with skirt bottom mens trench jackets trench coat beige women leather trench coat womens trench coat for short women belted coat trench coat leather spring coat womens full trench coat trench jackets women junior trench coat color trench coat trench coat women black womens black raincoat cheap men trench coat grey wool trench coat mens ladies spring trench coats men navy trench coat trench coat with hood for women mens black trench coat with hood


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