trench marianas

to attack Constantinople and force Turkey to back out of the war failed miserably, due to such an ill thought out plan, terrible planning skills and bad organization. Americans are not smart, we tend to be FULL OF SELFISH EGO, PRIDE and GREED to make a lot of money quickly at the lowest personal effort possible. Right now, Americans have no such principle of excellence, the ” market ” drives everything ie; GREED AND EGO to get the maximum cash for the least work to the most people because the more people corrupted by the racket, the more clout we have to keep the racket going. – High Officers (Generals, Field Marshalls, Colonels, Admirals, Air Marshalls, Commodores) lived an extremely comfortable lifestyle normally, they often lived in manors or safe military base ports most of the time, strategizing and forming commands. A voluntary military attracts racketeers to its ranks so its the American people who do not have a cultural sense of themselves that are to blame for their less than optimal military. However, the racketeers have learned to rig the games and lie about their results so as to not have to change their lucrative ego and greed rackets. Without actual wars, war games and experiments could be the driving force like practice games and scrimmages are for football. In a nation-state, this means having a morality-based, logical CULTURE which America does not currently have. Dutch, British, Canadian and other militaries have a CULTURE of excellence that understands–even without realizing it—to not corrupt its practices and equipments for less than optimal solutions that can be manipulated into a self-serving racket. Smart enough to know the subtle nuances of human behavior that if you do not fight against it, rackets will develop. They knew that they could be sent on some fucked-up corporate war of convenience as part of a deliberately less-than-optimal military racket and die or be maimed in exchange for middle class wages, college benefits and a chance to order people around and wear sexy looking uniforms. The slaves were taken to a variety of places in The New World, such as the West Indies and South America (Ms. History is full of examples where sewers leading under the city are unguarded and enemy forces sneak in unopposed and wipe-out every man, woman and child without mercy, wiping out the entire society. In other words, if you want to contribute to some small wars requiring light tanks rapidly deployed GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LEARN HOW TO PARACHUTE JUMP. The horrors that come to mind are endless, and the pain each prisoner must have gone through is undeniably brutal. I dare say, America is on such a collision course because the American people as a whole DO NOT UNDERSTAND HUMAN RACKETEERING BEHAVIOR. This only makes sense if dark, sinister forces are the real driving forces in American foreign policy and they deliberately wanted Iraq to degenerate into chaos first against Americans refusing to get public works going, and then amongst themselves so as to bleed American stuck occupying Iraq indefinitely and harm it. The Holocaust, the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, depicts a series of tragic events. There comes a time when you have to start acting like a moral human being and damn all the social consequences of the various racketeers you cross when you do so. Р’ Failure to do so would cause reprimandation to the individuals from top defence officials, and could result in a court martial. Other nations have good culture and they have good military services because of it since they determine what they do from honest war games and experiments and when they go to war they actually learn from it. Sincerely, Luke —————————————————————————— Dear Jack, It was a complete disaster today! This is where the famous battle of Gallipoli happened now known as ANZAC cove because of the horrific losses of the Australian forces in a so seemed futile and pointless battle. The way to stop racketeering behavior is for the people involved to have the self-control and wisdom to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE efficiency over more lucrative inefficiency. Foes that are not nation-states with American-style industries will not HAVE ANY OBVIOUS air targets. winter coats on sale trench coat women petite mens wool coats mens wool coat jacket for ladies spring coats women faux fur coats cute rain jackets trench coat navy cheap winter coats trench coat brands cashmere coat velvet coat ladies winter coats and jackets trench coats for men long pea coats for women ladies long raincoats white winter coats womens long winter jackets wool peacoat faux fur coat red wool coat winter coats women women long coat long coat womens raincoat for women sports coats p coats for women men winter coats trench coats for women cheap


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