trench dug

The cutaway portion of the bank for field of fire and the communication trench that leads into tho rear of the emplacement point out the location of the gun. Concrete fortifications are nearly always carefully camouflaged and may not be apparent on photographs until after the area has been cleared by shell fire. Before a withdrawal the enemy may prepare bridges, roads, and road junctions for demolition, and as this preparation forms a good indication of his intentions, it is important to note it as early as possible. The charged reactant materials can then be moved into contact with one another by utilizing the moving electrical wave generated by the computer. Wherever a trail or path ends, an especially careful examination should be made for an observation post. Listening posts generally appear on photographs as small excavations in front of or actually in the wire which protects a defended position, and are connected by tracks to the position. If a field of fire can be obtained from the listening post, a machine gun may be placed there as well. The voltage profile will create forces on the charged particles within the column and can be changed over time in order to obtain precise resolution of different species or groups of charged particles within a sample being resolved. For example, different nucleotides can be reacted to form DNA and different amino acids can be reacted to form proteins. Such preparation often takes the form of small excavations made at the scene of a proposed demolition. In ground operations, crossroads, defiles, causeways, bridges, deep road cuts, and side-hill road cuts, as well as adjacent fields, should be examined on photographs for possible obstacles or road blocks. Accordingly, sophisticated computer programs can be set up in order to provide for synthesis or sequencing protocols of a variety of different types of molecules. Thereafter, the base of each of the branches can be supplied with a particular charged reactant material. They may be laid on main roads leading to the enemy-occupied area, in open fields to curtail air-landing operations, or along beaches to hinder amphibious operations. In addition to increased speeds, the yield is vastly improved due to the precision with which the reactants can be moved. The six classifications, illustrated in the photographs that follow, include pillboxes made of coconut logs, coral rocks, combination of coconut logs and coral rocks, concrete, metal, and miscellaneous materials. Concrete forts are a common feature in all static lines, while smaller pillboxes are to be found in the defense of coast lines, towns, and villages, and nearly all vulnerable points. It should be remembered that wire entanglements are used frequently in connection with obstacles of all types. Observation posts should be expected on commanding ground or at the end of isolated trenches leading to houses or to any prominent natural terrain feature. In yet a more sophisticated embodiment of the invention, the computer software which is connected to the electrodes can be made interactive with an optical detection device such as an ultraviolet or fluorescence spectrometer. These reactions can be carried out at greatly increased speeds as compared with conventional mechanical technologies. Unless antitank mines are buried and carefully covered they can generally be seen on a large-scale aerial photograph. If the mines are buried, the photographic interpreter will rarely discover any evidence of them, although he should be alert for spoil, paths, or vehicle tracks that may appear parallel to rows of mines. These can be seen on large-scale photographs as little black dots, varying in number and surrounded by disturbed earth. The low altitude oblique and stereo-pair on the next page show an example of a tree observation post that can be located on the verticals. mens black short trench coat coats for women on sale red winter coats red satin trench coat winter white wool coat long black leather trench coat petite macs trench coats trench coats for women with hood coat and jacket coat for winter brown womens trench coat wool jacket women winter women coats short ladies coats womens winter vests trench coat hooded ladies winter jacket womens winter jackets on sale red trenchcoat womens trench coat uk trench coat mac beige short trench coat ladies short raincoats red short trench coat ladies grey trench coat short coats women womens winter parkas short khaki trench coat short pea coat short wool coat women


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