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I start with World War II because more (individual) records are available and I assume people are more interested in it. The Allied strategic-bombing campaign helps the Red Air Force achieve air-supremacy note Even during Operation Citadel. liberating Sicily, whereupon Hitler acknowledges the failure of Citadel and orders some of its mobile forces to Italy. No sooner is the pocket crushed than, at the beginning of October, Army Group Center initiates Typhoon. Even in more active parts of the front, battle was rarely continuous and boredom was common among troops, with little of the heroism and excitement many had imagined before the war. No sooner is the front there stablized than the Soviet forces in the Kursk bulge go on the offensive and make a huge breakthrough around Kharkov-Kiev, forcing the Germans to divert their mobile forces south again. Stalin declares a Winter Counteroffensive in January with two million troops against million-strong remnants of Army Group Center, half-million men of Army Group North. German steam-engines have water-pipes outside the furnace, operators only belatedly realize necessity of keeping the fires burning at all times and literally wrapping up engine to keep pipes from freezing. Yet soldiers spent a great deal of time waiting around, and in some quiet sectors there was little real fighting and a kind of informal truce could develop between the two sides. Germany quickly occupies northern Italy and establishes a series of fortified defensive lines across the hilly peninsula. Men were living outside for days or weeks on end, with limited shelter from cold, wind, rain and snow in the winter or from the heat and sun in summer. While German and Soviet losses in Citadel are a drop in the ocean compared to those in the Ukrainian campaigns later that year, it was a huge psychological blow which made it crystal-clear to even the most die-hard Nazis that Germany was very definitely going to lose—and soon. The Donets counter-offensive has created a prominent bulge in the Soviet-Axis lines around the city of Kursk. Army Group South is split into Army Groups A and B and set to take The Caucasus and defend their flank near Stalingrad respectively—but at the last minute Hitler takes forces from the former so the latter can capture Stalingrad, causing both forces to fail. Artillery destroyed the familiar landscape, reducing trees and buildings to desolate rubble and churning up endless mud in some areas. For their part the Italian Navy refuses to ship supplies to those ports, where their ships are sitting ducks for Allied air-raids. The Allies execute operation Baytown and land in Southern Italy, resulting in a coup in which Mussolini is toppled and Italy joins the Allies. The Soviets follow up with an offensive in Belarus, which the OKH has to divert their already-exhausted Panzer formations to to prevent them from breaking through in earnest. One million troops opposite Army Group Center are trapped in three pockets around Vyazma, but advance slows to crawl as Belrussian fuel stockpiles totally expended. The sites of former extermination camps destroyed by the retreating Germans, including Treblinka, fall into Soviet hands. Soldiers and labourers were required to dig trenches and machine gun placements, which would protect men from enemy shelling and allow them to fire back at the enemy without exposing themselves to danger. Photograph showing the construction of a sap (a deep and narrow trench used to undermine enemy positions) in the Belgian sector. The incredible noise of artillery and machine gun fire, both enemy and friendly, was often incessant. The Germans divert forces from eastern Poland to slow them down, whereupon the Soviets execute the second phase of Bagration —from Ukraine into Poland. Millions were sent to fight away from home for months, even years at a time, and underwent a series of terrible physical and emotional experiences. women long coats trench coats sale wool trench coats short trench coats for women plaid trench coat black womens trench coat lady coats sale ladies black trench coat womens red trench coat ladies fall jackets womens trench rain coat winter jackets for ladies womens peacoat jacket winter jackets on sale for women short winter jackets for women trench women black women coat ladies raincoats sale winter trench coats trench coat cheap women long jackets jacket and coat sale hooded trench coat womens spy coat womens mac coat tan trench coat women green trench coat women trench coats for women sale satin trench coat red trench coats


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