trench definition geology

The British had begun the war by stringing their coasts with a new device they thought would make them invulnerable to enemy bombers — radar. Overnight their offices were closed up, their colleagues professed ignorance, the deans of their colleges dismissed all inquiries with a bland shrug. But while it might be thought that these books are simply part of the standard line in popular history these days, in which the motives of any American government are invariably put in the worst possible light, the truth is that from the beginning people thought there was something strange and singular about the bombing of Hiroshima. No matter how well placed you were, you were still excluded from incessant meetings, streams of memos were routed around your office, old friends grew vague when you asked what department they worked in (a “special” department, they always said — nobody liked coming out and saying “secret”). There was a rumor of course: they had been summoned to some kind of base in the southwest, one of those military installations so classified that nobody who went in ever came out. This was the first war where troops in the field carried portable radio transmitters and receivers, the first where air forces attempted precision bombing, the first with jet engines, the first with napalm. The next morning I saw that the wounded men were all dead, including the one with the wound in his chin and the one with the wound in his shoulder. And what returned, from some unimaginable bureaucratic firmament, were orders — taciturn, uncommunicative instructions, raining down ceaselessly, specifying mysterious troop movements, baffling supply requisitions, unexplained production quotas, and senseless rationing goals. The blackouts would end, people could travel without fear, and love might once again be something more than a hurried honeymoon before a permanent parting. It has somehow passed from their world as mysteriously as it came, the way a storm will pass by morning. As they sit silently in the hall before the fire, neither willing to make any overt sign of peace, they realize that their feud has already ended. They meet by chance in the middle of a blizzard and, as a mutual test of their newfound faith, one wordlessly offers shelter for the night, and the other accepts. They then dropped me and struck me on the lower part of my back with the butt end of the rifle, but the blow did not hurt me very much, on account of my wearing my belt at the time ; nevertheless I was laid up for a fortnight and was seen by the doctors at Ghent and Brussels. It would soon reach a point that the Vikings in their deepest trance of berserker destructiveness could not have envisioned. Even as the two fronts of the European war came together, covering the whole of Germany like a shroud, and as the line of battle moved past the ruins of the Philippines and at last approached the Japanese home islands, the savagery of battle was still accelerating. I am of opinion that some of them would have recovered from their bullet wounds if they had received proper treatment. The best information — whole Mississippis of debriefings and intelligence assessments and field reports and rumors — went up the line and vanished. The Belgians had retreated and the Germans fired on them with the mitrailleuse from some houses, and I was between the two fires. I was afterwards in the hospital with others who had been more dangerously wounded, but who recovered. Whilst I was bending down to do what I could for the Belgian, the German soldier (who had been wounded in the stomach) hit me a terrific blow in the ribs with the butt of his rifle. " I will help you first and then I will return to the other man (referring to the German soldier) and try to help him." The Belgian soldier said: "Well, be as quick as you can, because I am suffering very badly." Not a word passed from the German but he could understand what I had said. But there were countless projects just like it; every side was after a superweapon, and every rumor of a superweapon on the other side had to be countered by a desperate race for its match. The Belgians were gaining ground and their object was to cut off the retreat of the Germans who were installed with their mitrailleuses in and outside of the houses along the railway. It was just a phrase that might turn up inadvertently in a classified budget paper, or on some requisition form for scientific equipment, or at the bottom of a routing order for an enigmatic load of ore; something new was needed by “the Manhattan district.” And all sides were obsessed with SIGINT — signals intelligence, the encrypted electronic messages weaving through the battlefields and up the hierarchies of command. long overcoat men mens black leather trench coat brown leather trench coat mens navy blue trench coat brown jackets facts about marianas trench trench coats for women mens black coat what does trencher mean green trench coat ladies trench coats coats for women trench coat mens black the mariana womens coats mariana strench women trench coat womens black trench coat facts about mariana trench long coats for women trenchis trench coat men cheap buy mens trench coat trench coat for women navy trench coat images of marianas trench what is a tranch what is the meaning of trenches men leather trench coat trench dictionary


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