trench code

Its most important task was to inform the administrative authorities about the problems connected the Bulgarian education in the liberated Macedonia. The notorious villains Vassilie Trbich, Mihail Kalamatiev, Kirkovich, Grigor Tsiklev and many others had escaped immediately after sensing the activisation of the Bulgarian population. The Serbs never had at their disposal a similar cultural institution; so their hatred towards these clubs is understandable. The loosely assembled supply dumps while they are forming always look as if a great storm had just passed through. Through the newspaper “Macedonia” the BCCC appealed to the LCCs to make contacts with the administrative authorities and to undertake all the possible measures to preserve from plunder and anihilation their property – buildings, furniture, libraries, collections, cabinets, etc. You saw the same kind of wastage on the field of World War I, particularly in the Argonne where the pressure was almost unremitting. In a short time all the administrative Serbian functionaries, as well as those working in the economic, cultural and other spheres were dismissed. In any case, undoubtedly of most important significance is the fact that in a powerless state the people succeeded in organizing a power and in declaring unification with Bulgaria. ” Seeing what had been thrown away, I wondered how the battle had been fought .” Probably there is no other characteristic more common to all the fields on which armies have contended than this one-inexplicable waste of essential equipment. But to the eye trained to see through this seeming chaos and note the beginnings of a system, these things are routine. BCCC assigned to the teachers’ communities the task to organize courses for studying the literary Bulgarian language. The Ccs were also responsible for the cultural, educational, economic and political needs and rights of the population. Guards were also put in front of buildings of historical, ethnographical and cultural significance of Macedonia – museums, libraries, etc. The revolutionary mission consisted in destroying the remnants of the administrative power of the former Versaille Yugoslavia. The more dismaying spectacle is the wastage of personal supply, the vast amount of packs, weapons and ammunition tossed away by troops already moving inland in search of the enemy. The BCCC ordered to all the LCCs to invite all the Bulgarian teachers from the primary and secondary schools in Macedonia anmd together with the former Exarchate teachers to form educational committees at every place. An important part of the activities of the Ccs was the organization of the guard in front of the shops, stores, etc. It consisted in organizing LCCs, which had the right and the task to provide for the life and the food for the population. Eyewitnesses reported it of Gettysburg, saying, too, that of the thousands of rifle thrown away by Soldiers, by far the greater number had never been fired. Their significance for the education of the nation during the Revival period and later on is well-known. To REFRESH our minds on certain of the portents of World War II, we might also think back to the beachheads. So that the mission, which the Ccs were fulfilling could be divided into: revolutionary, organizational, economic and protocol. Two districts were formed in Vardar Macedonia – Skopje and Bitola, while in Western Thrace and Eastern Macedonia – there was one district – the Ksanti. In many places the population had isolated the Serbian families in camps, although most of them were innocent. It was only toward the end of World War II that the possible impact of these developments on future warfare was conclusively revealed.” dark brown leather trench coat double breasted trench coat for men tweed coats best winter coats black short trench coat waterproof trench coats for women leather trench coat for women red trench coat mens leopard print coat rain trench coats for women womans coats trench coat waterproof white wool coat black coat mens brown wool trench coat green coat green trench coat mens spring trench coats for women leather trench coat men brown coat for women womens rain trench coat woolen trench coat men mens trench coats long leopard coat plaid coat long brown coat men tweed coat cheap trench coat for women dress coat mens mens long jackets coats


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