trench coats

Is it something where you like have like a release date or are you still kind of a way away from figuring that all out? It’s weird to be here now and look back and be like wow this is like it’s more weighted and I like that. Furthermore, one of the most famous poems to emerge from World War One was written by a poet who was born in Lancaster. Then just being able to be a sounding board at that point in the process was a little bit different then the past. Like a lot of friends and family who have been there for a lot of the process have gotten to be involved. People that have been influences to us musically over the years, getting to have them be there on the album is pretty neat. Allan Mallinson says that this shows that men from all over Britain were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the places they called home. He argues that Lancaster became a symbol that men went to war for after the city was mentioned in a famous poem. Like I think it’s about four or five weeks and I think that’s just to set up an iTunes release date. If you listen to the ‘Haven’t Had Enough’ one, I think where we were at that time was like ‘Wow, look what’ve done’. Then there’s just a certain amount of time where you can’t release it any sooner then this period of time. So we could hang out a lot so there was a little bit more being around during the development of lyrics or even a couple of options in parts. The vision is usually in his head quite clearly and then sort of trying to get it out and translating it for other people to hear all of the stuff that is going on, he just has to sort of put it down in bits. You have to be in the mood for it I guess but I just really, really am proud of what we’ve got coming out for us. Like Josh will come up with these ideas but we sort of changed the studio location for most of this recording. During the First World War, poetry became a popular way of reflecting how people were feeling towards the experience of war. Perfect, then maybe to end it off, I know like you said you talked about how you have this tour then the album you’re hoping comes out in October. December is the busiest time of year for most of us as we prepare for the festive season and the all important Christmas Day lunch where we finally get to sit down as a family. Acclaimed Historian Allan Mallinson explains why Lancaster became a national symbol of what the soldiers were fighting for on the Western Front during World War One. Then we listen to him and it starts to make sense then we start to have an idea, like okay maybe this, but it’s really clear. Then I know from just research and that kind of thing that Josh does have a large hand in kind of the writing itself but maybe how did you go about the process for this record? So those things are sort of the biggest delay in the end but the mixing will take a couple weeks too. He thinks that because Sassoon chose to write about Lancaster rather than any other city in Britain, it was used a national example of what soldiers were fighting to protect in World War One. Centrica says the debris will be removed from the site and returned to a good condition in the coming weeks. Jewish military researcher Stan Kaye stumbled across the stone in Plashet Cemetery in the East End while he was looking for the gravestone of a Jewish nurse who also died in the First World War.


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