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Sometime in the future his whereabouts in those old battlefields will be found and we will be in touch for another go around with your Company, hopefully with Chris as our guide. Chris’s knowledge of the French language also added to our tour in that we were able to visit cafes for lunch in several French villages that we would not have ventured into on our own. Chris presented us with two folders full of research on my relatives and the battles that they had taken part in. We were thrilled to find small relics of the battles in the fields that we visited with Chris even finding a German coin which made for an exciting moment. Welcome to Trench Rat Militaria where you are invited to browse my listings of a variety of military antiquities. Since coming home many people have asked the Kid’s how they liked their trip and the answers our always very positive. As we made our way around the cemeteries Chris also pointed out the graves of several men that were of significant interest and again read a poem of relevance which made for some moving reflection. WWI Canadian MG Corps Officers Cap Extra Photo A paper label which is now illegible is affixed to the lining. What makes this particularily exciting is the service number penned inside in indelible purple pencil (as often encountered on uniforms and kit from that era). Our whole objective for this tour was to have them understand that the pictures of the Soldiers on our wall at home are of real people and that they really do have a Grave in a wartime cemetery or are remembered on a monument as an unknown. As we went around these battlefields Chris’ explanations became so real at one point I expected to see a battalion appear on the horizon. I went this time thinking it would be my last visit as I would see everything I needed to, however since returning home I have decided that another trip is likely on the horizon. Although we did not have any luck even with help from Chris W in finding our third uncle (Walter) our search is ongoing. His presence kept the Children engaged and when our Son wavered a bit he would go out of his way to engage him and keep is interest up. Brass badge with both lugs that has been bent slightly to give it a convex shape to better contour to the beret. Note the clever repair to the reverse where the original owner reinforced the overlay by using fine wire (one of the brass securing hooks having come off). I originate from Saskatchewan and as such, I have a fascination with the Fur Trade, Indian artifacts and the Western Frontier, so some items relating to these periods will be available on occasion. They both realized that there was much more to this trip then they had anticipated and their interest went steadily up as we moved on through the next few days Our subsequent visit to Uncle Williams Grave and the placing of another wreath with words from Chris W was a further poignant moment for all of us. I personally felt that we had accomplished our purpose when our Son and Daughter came down from laying the wreath for our Uncle Bernard and the tears were plainly visible. This is one tour everyone should experience in their lifetime to understand the enormous sacrifice of so many brave souls. The pre trip preparation that he undertook was excellent, the research booklets he had prepared were thorough and tremendously helpful to all of us and Chris himself was a delight. We thank Chris for making our tour one that we will never forget and thank you David for the excellent company you have. This hat has a few scattered moth nips but looks fantastic with a distinctive “saddle” shape where it has molded to the owners head. Our accommodation and meals at Cambrai were excellent, the hotel was a small oasis in town and in a beautiful setting, the owner and his staff were all very friendly and accommodating. A second show garden designed to commemorate World War I, complete with trenches, a mine crater pond and the yew trees found in war cemeteries, also picked up a gold medal. marianas trench 2014 the marina trench trench life facts mariane trench construction trench mariana trench ocean brown trench mens winter trench coat what is the meaning of trench mens wool overcoat long dkny trench coat marianas trench photos mens tan trench coat mens hooded trench coat marianatrench pacific ocean mariana trench a day in the trenches trench services dark brown trench coat mens definition trench maryana trench ww 1 trenches mens single breasted trench coat definition of a trench brown jackets for women photos of mariana trench marriana trench long overcoats for men trench depth mens long black coat


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