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Two examples, one strategic, one technologic, help us to understand the terrible gap of wisdom and realism that separates Isramerika ignarrogance and real world success (hereby included defeating Islamism) The failures in Iraq, Lybia and Afghanistan are the perfect example of narcissistic superficiality of hypocritical emperors who want to steal resources from enemies pretendin to liberate innocents, and in doing so they kill millions of civilians spreading chaos and favoring extremism, creating more hatred and more enemies for themselves than the ones they had previously. This psychotic kamikaze mindset, magnified by the organized hierarchy and by the inspirational propaganda of Daesh, are a dangerous structural gangrene that cannot be cured and that cannot be persuaded (being not only murderous but also suicidal) – it must be destroyed to limit the damage and assassinated to hinder the slaughters, reviewing and neutering the structural weaknesses of technological, geopolitical, economical, anthropological categories that allowed the gangrene to grow (overall there is need to put an end to the self-destructive submissive Americentrism dominant in Europe; we explained the many links and parallels with Islamism). it is a good question whether the standard of individual mobility set by our troops during World War II will suffice, if we are to be victorious. As such they are perfectly legitimate target of total war, additionally proudly guilty of (universal, not local) crimes against mankind and war crimes. The leaders, the soldiers and the supporters of Daesh, like Bin Laden and Al Qayda – belong more to the category of enemies to be slain (especially for their kamikaze mindset) more than to the category of criminals to be captured and judged. They reject the world order entirely – not just democracy but also diplomacy, borders, human right – because they are unsanctioned by Allah and not commanded by the Quran. It is the perfect example of Imperial Narcissism and Cyborg Supremacy imposed via Industrial-Military complex products, fueled by international credit and global obedience to the US system – which fails to deliver global security anyway – as security and stability require trust and leadership; drones cannot provide it. The problems of Islamism and terrorism is chronic and immanent in the current system (as we will see further). Once we have evidence of a de facto Nazist country that seems resilient and that attacks others (Daesh) without rational behavior, using the channels of market and information used by normal nations – the collective freedom must be revised (it happens in Paris for "terrorism alert", it happens globally in world for the "Caliphate" threat). The same is about the "Global Free Market" and the "Global information age" – until there was no Nazist-like nation to threaten others misusing the freedoms, everyone could participate without great concerns. To make these flaws more critical and more harmful is the fact that to exploit them for terrorism is not organized crime or a rival government (rational actors that want profit, power and prosperity – and that thus can be threatened, coerced, bribed, managed and influenced). There is no single flaw, so there is no ultimate solution (except abolishing automobiles to eliminate crashes and "western" society to eliminate terror). Since in any great war of the future we will have to travel faster and farther than we have ever gone before. At the same time the drones – one of the new ways to fight this eternal conflict where gross mistakes cause the need for more imperial violence reducing the resources and the authority to necessary to fight credible crusades, are another grey object of reflection about extrajudicial imperial power that rules (in reality – tortures and enrages), theoretically untouchable from the sky above a world of psychotic terrorism that nobody in practice really controls on the ground. It is sounder to teach them to worry less about personal hygiene and appearance during the hours in which they are fighting for their lives than to weight them down with extra changes of clothing. and the importance of equalizing the use of captured enemy stores than it is to take the chance of encumbering them with an overload of rations. If we are ever to have a wholly mobile army-mobile, afoot as well as when motorized on the road-the fighting Soldier should be expected to carry only the minimum of weapons and supplies which will give him personal protection and enable him to advance against the enemy in the immediate situation. "I look to the barrels of your guns and I see Paradise, how can you compete with this", said the imported terrorist Tsarnaev. Like mass transport in the current medium-term form implies car incidents, "high-tech" society at the current stage will produce violent terrorism. In training, we are overindulgent of the American Soldier, and when we get ready to mount an operation, we are over-fearful of what may happen to him. If we are dealing with mountain operations or any special situation where first-line transport will have difficulty getting through it is wiser to assign part of the troops, temporarily to special duty as bearers and carriers, excusing them from fire responsibilities. To exploit the structural "Western" system weaknesses in this case is an infective, irrational, totalitarian apocalyptic extremism excited about dying, enthusiast about destroying and impatient about the Doomsday. The Empire of the Mind that can assassinate any foreign opposition to the vertical idolatry with robotized superpower and anonymous impunity. It is as much close as we can get to Terminators and Predators with the current technology – winning wars using robots to defeat humans (losing the characteristics of humanity being distant, foreign, enemy and -sometimes correctly, sometimes not- seen as unrecoverably brainwashed) above the laws and outside the rules; the ultimate dream of idols and superstars. It means secondly that if the dictates of hard circumstances ever compel us to resort to a sterner discipline among our troops in time of war, simply to save the nation, without having meanwhile set new standards of efficiency in the conservation of our material resources and human energy, one part of what we are doing will be hopelessly at odds with the rest of it. mens brown leather trench coat what does trenches mean describe the trenches and no man land mariana trench bottom the trenche the western front trenches mens black overcoat mens long brown trench coat brown mens trench coat mariana trech marianastrench green trench coat men meriana trench long coats men pictures of marianas trench black overcoat men layout of the trenches marianas trech describe a trench where is mariana trench located trench ocean marianas trench pictures merianas trench layout of trenches dark brown trench coat styling trench coat brown trench coat mens white trench coat men pictures of the mariana trench beige trench coat men


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