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The continuing cycle of stalemate on the Western Front forced the warring powers to realize modern war is total war, demanding activities in all possible directions to sustain their own efforts and wear down those of the enemy.Р’ This led to efforts in five areas: control of material resources at home, control of human resources (including the media and morale), continued attempts to break through on the Eastern Front, the search for victory by opening new fronts, thus making it truly a world war, and the search for victory through the development and use of new weapons. пЂ­ The need from farms for ways and equipment in order to farm land more efficiently caused the look for inventors and new technologies. пЂ­ Explain the conditions that were necessary in the nineteenth century for the development of an industrial economy. After this, the main British strategy against the Turks was to stir up and support rebellions.Р’ In that regard, one of the most celebrated figures of the war was T.E. пЂ­ The sudden mass rush to outdo each other and out show everyone bordering them was one condition for the race for industrialization. so the jobs of industry, such as steam, coal, and heavy machinery that needed little training were highly needed and appreciated. Why did industrialization have important political effects on Euro during the nineteenth century, refer to at least two of Brit, France, or Germany Р’ While Britain ruled the waves after Jutland, German U-boats (submarines) could still lurk beneath the waves and prey upon allied shipping in retaliation for the blockade on Germany.Р’ However, some of the ships Germany sank were from the United States, technically a neutral power but actively trading much needed food and other supplies to France and Britain.Р’ While Germany felt justified in sinking any ships supplying its enemies, the United States saw these attacks on its ships as barbaric and unprovoked acts of aggression. пЂ­ France, as we all know, was under highly unstable political circumstances as usual, with extreme revolutionaries and failing government pushing toward a new industrial government. Were European governments strengthened or weakened by the development of industry in their countries? пЂ­ Although, it was weakened by the government losing control because of the fast production and moving pace. Research Paper Erich Maria Remarque’s novel, All Quite on the Western Front gives you detail and insight into the long, destructive “Great War”. Explain the conditions that were necessary in the nineteenth century for the development of an industrial economy. пЂ­ The advantage was the improvement of diet because people were earning money to feed their families in France. пЂ­ The child labor in Britain resulted in many children being hurt and so a law was eventually made, but many children still suffered. Human resources had to be controlled to ensure enough men for the front and a labor force for the strategic industries at home.Р’ With so many men gone to war, women entered the work place in unprecedented numbers, taking over many occupations previously reserved solely for men before the war, such as secretaries.Р’ After the war, when many husbands and fiancГ©es did not return, many women stayed in the workplace, giving them more economic power and eventually the vote.Р’ To maintain morale, governments assumed more control of the media, limiting or distorting the information available to the press and public.Р’ Governments also actively tried to harness popular support for the war with brightly colored and illustrated posters that glorified the war effort and portrayed the enemy as less than human. пЂ­ In Great Britain, we see a swift change from manual labor and draft animal based economy to a machine based manufacturing such as textile industries and iron making techniques and the sudden increased use of refined fuel. As everyone looked to expand their empires, there was an extreme need for steam ships to move people and goods, for better weapons in case there was a war, and the mass making of new vessels and ships came to be in high demand. пЂ­ Society changed in Britain for the better with the enlightenment and new ideas and education increasing. How far had Euro countries developed industrial societies and economies by the middle of the nineteenth century, refer to at least two of Brit, France, or Germany up and down across ground like a huge ruined honeycomb, and my wave melts away, and the second wave comes up, and also melts away, and then the third wave merges into the remnants of the others, and we begin to run forward to catch up with the barrage, gasping and sweating, in bunches, anyhow, every bit of the months of drill and rehearsal forgotten. Enthusiastic teenage boys convinced to fight for their country by their patriotic teachers came back feeling part of a lost generation . пЂ­ It seems that in all cases, all the countries had similar pre – industrial societies, though England was able to jump on the train so to speak a little earlier than the others. пЂ­ In France’s case, there was a rush of young, unskilled men with little or no education came flooding in. 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