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Russia was utterly ineffective, and Britain did jack in the first few months, which is when the war could have been won- when it was straight Germany on France. For all that their actions are covered in textbooks, you would think that they won the war, or stopped the attack. Only a small number of American divisions were even there, and they barely participated in any fighting, even along the Aisne, until after the German offensive had been halted. To disrupt South African plans to invade South West Africa, the Germans launched a pre-emptive invasion of their own. The Schlieffen Plan, was a brilliant plan to bring down the French, however, Germany did not have the manpower, to do a double encirclement, like Hannibal did at Cannae, besides the Germans were expecting a swift campaign and be in Paris before the leaves fell. With France done, Britain negotiates some sort of peace settlement, probably removing any restrictions on the German navy, in exchange for Belgian neutrality. Probably the only thing that happens is the rest of Lorraine gets annexed, and some colonial borders are adjusted in German favor (in addition to Serbia getting screwed, but that is another matter) We are not talking about a war everyone is invested in, and ruined themselves over. This, combined with a post-war naval buildup by the Germans, could bring the HSF to relative parity with their Royal Navy rivals. With the French fleet no longer able to be relied upon, any future engagements between the UK and Germany will see the UK being forced to spread its forces out more to cover the Med in full. The French, with their smaller fleet, mainly focused their naval attentions in the Med, while the British got the North Sea and Channel. What matters far more is that it was a war on a scale never seen before, and that it was total war – a new thing. It would without question not be called “WWI.” There is so many reasons why that war is called that that there is no possible way. As to the French and Belgian views of the British, there is probably going to be a lot of anger towards the UK. I do read the previous posts, but just because they were posted before my entry into this thread does not make them correct if they are false. Granted, a quick victory would mean the years of hate the OTL Great War built up would not be present, but to suggest Germany is just going to grab a few little pieces is completely unrealistic. But what I am most proud of in the book Black Poppies is the chapter about my Aunt Esther that draws on an unpublished interview about her early childhood in London during the First World War. So the fact that I had a family connection (adopted but still loved and respected), an older relative, to someone who inspired me to ask lots of questions, not just about her life as a working-class seamstress, but of the historians who had excluded black Britons like her from the history books. It is true some black soldiers faced discrimination, but it is also true that others enjoyed comradeship with white soldiers. In my experience, these so-called historians have never shown any interest in the story of black people in Britain, and certainly not the two world wars. So they are almost exclusively the sons – and in some cases the daughters – of white colonials whose families were part of the ruling elite when Britain had an Empire. Finally, I began this journey when I began to talk to my (adopted) Aunt Esther, a black woman born in London just before the First World War. So you expect this ATL Germany, which has seen its forces decisively beat the French as well as crushing a numerically larger Russian force at Tannenberg, to just go for a bit of Lorraine and maybe Dahoumey (For example)? Black soldiers have been omitted from mainstream history because those who research and write that history are predominantly white, middle-class and educated at Oxford and Cambridge. Humanity is debased: soldiers eat their food beside dead men where before the war the very thought would have turned them sick. Secondly, in recent years I became increasingly concerned about the attention given to the black British officer, Walter Tull, and the fact that no one was making an attempt to place him in the context of other black soldiers, and Britain’s black community. womens coats and jackets ladies hooded coats winter white coats for women winter coats on sale for women womens rain trench blazer trench coat womens camel trench coat fall jackets women pea coat with hood long winter coat for women outerwear jackets for women winter coats and jackets for women winter coats with hoods ladies jackets sale where to buy mens trench coats waterproof trench coat womens ladies mac trench coat duster coats mens leather trench coats frock coats discount winter coats petite short trench coat short trench coat petite raincoat with hood for women trench coats for sale men trench winter coat long trench coats men jackets and coats for women waterproof womens trench coat zara trench coat


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