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NO BORDERS MAGAZINE Throughout the play the set and staging is manipulated superbly and effortlessly вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ® The modern military commander is no more likely to adhere to self-denial as a principle which makes for success in warfare than is the top adminis- SO SO GAY Thrillingly clever, emotive and deliciously creative, the story draws you in so much that you have no choice but to be utterly beguiled by it all. Imperfect though it was in some particulars, the Army of the United States in World War II was still the most However, the piece truly comes into its own with the appearance of the nightmarish puppet that is summoned from the bowels of the earth. The lower of the two layers is an insulating layer such as silicon dioxide or silicon nitride, or combinations of both, and the upper of the two layers is doped or undoped polysilicon. Among western armies, the ((canning” of the wife occurred coincidentally with the very real canning of food. He feels that he would be tabbed as a moss-backed reactionary if he were to accept any other motto than ((nothing but the best possible.” It was approximately at the time that Baron Lejeune was expressing his sarcasms concerning the petticoat influence on military movement that the tidal change began in military food supply. EDINBURGH GUIDE a very powerful and beautifully realized piece, packed with imagination and heart вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ® String quartet intro to The Landing written by Alex Metcalfe & Alexander Wolfe, played by The Wolfettes: Rachel Dawson (cello), Polly Wiltshire (viola), Catriona Parker (violin), Sarah Tuke (violin) Even in the field, and excepting only at the height of combat, there is not an Army mess that does not put out far more food than Soldiers need for their physical well-being. The prize was won by Francois Alpert who invented a glass container not unlike that used by the modern housewife during the canning season. In the case of substantially uniform etching of the polysilicon and the substrate, the thickness of the polysilicon is substantially equal to the desired trench depth. Out of his invention came the canning industry which got a tremendous boost during the American Civil War. SGFRINGE The beautiful live musical accompaniment, the third person Greig-esque poetic narration, the physical theatre aspects, the inventive use of props and the wonderful puppetry, all combine to make a unique and compelling world like no other вњ®вњ®вњ®вњ® Special Thanks to: Malcolm & Gillian Lansley, Vicky Sanders, Malcolm & Jean Sanders, Luton Hat Factory, Wales Millennium Centre, The Pleasance, South Nutfield Scout hut, Sally Higginson, Tom Attwood, Elise Colledge, Harriet Darling, Megan Harrison, Lara Booth, Isabella Van Braeckel, Georgi Shire, The Gate Theatre, Jude Christian, Natalie Richardson, Alex McCarthy, Rhian Solomon-Ayeh, Doreen Braund, Anna Marsland, Rachel Introna, Louise Miles Crust, Odunsi Oluwatoyin The Trench was produced and created by Les EnfantsTerribles Theatre Company in association with Wales Millennium Centre and Luton Hat Factory. In either case, trench etch endpoint detection is provided by clearing of the polysilicon and consequent exposure of the lower layer of the trench mask. Together, the two layers are patterned in a first etch step to form a trench mask for subsequent etching of trenches in the substrate. Written Oliver Lansley Directed James Seager & Oliver Lansley Designed Sam Wyer Lighting Design Paul Green All music written and played live Alexander Wolfe He was looking for a way to speed up military movement, and his immediate object was to eliminate the huge herds of cattle which until then had been driven behind the armies to provide beef. The upper layer is deposited to a thickness “t” related to the desired depth “d” of the trenches to be etched. THE WHARF The physicality is both beautiful and challenging as benches and boards are reinvented as mine shafts and tunnels. In the case of unequal etching of the polysilicon and the substrate, the thickness of the polysilicon is based on the etch rate disparity. Fuller wrote me in a letter a while back, ” Canning in all of its many forms has become a vertible danger to military forces, the very reverse of what Lawrence meant .” When any improved method is brought forward by the civilian economy, such as a highly mobile type of refrigerating unit, the military establishment takes it up, irrespective of the factor of increased initial weight, and unmindful of the ultimate cost in load and in dollars through the availing of a more luxurious standard of field fare. womens coats sale women s winter jackets thin trench coat women s coats winter jackets for women winter jacket sale pea coat jackets long winter coats for women women jackets and coats ladies winter jackets winter coat for women winter jackets women fur coats for women winter coat women leather coats for women women s jackets women jackets ladies coats and jackets jackets for women trenchcoats for women womens pea coats ladies jackets coat women womens winter jackets womens parka coats fall jackets for women ladies jacket coats and jackets for women winter coats for women womens jackets


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