trench coat summer

Everything which was carried on the APAs for the immediate use of the battalion landing teams [BLTs], as well as the combat tonnage in the auxiliary craft, the replacement items and thirty days of maintenance for all services, was tabulated and computed. In their mind it is already all prophetically written – their human lives are irrelevant, the divine plans are absolute, their task is already decided, all the world is an illusion, the outcome is already predetermined, the paradise is there waiting; they are just tired of waiting and anxious to die killing as they are expected to do – as it has already happened in the mind of Allah. It is in this apparently absurd and suicidal congruence of fanaticism, efficiency, expertise, destruction, absolutism, mysticism to achieve the Judgement Day that they earned their credibility and prestige – which – together with physical victories, masterful propaganda and accumulated experiences – made them the overlords of the Islamist business – QUICKLY – as in their intention, vision and age. Neo-Cons are obsessed with idealized traditions and patriotic superiority to preserve Oligarchic privileges, whereas hedonistic Feminism is more hypnotized with its own "Social Justice" crusades to liberate gays, pets, sluts, minorities etc from the duty of becoming adult persons without blaming the rest of the world for the insufficiency of their subsidies; conservatives talk of idealized family tradition that many Feminists exploit as unattainable model of perfection to rationalize their promiscuity as a "research of ideal man". We can suggest that a mix of Neon-Con Imperialism presented as Defense, and Ginecolatric internal Crusades, styled as liberation, have dominated the United States politics, domestic and foreign alike. Besides, the foreign policy projection of this narrative with "export democracy" wars has produced geopolitical disasters where Islamism attached itself as infection. The mythology of perfect family with perfect man who will bring happiness in a perfect American life, as promoted by elders, conservatives, Neo-Cons etc is the ideal-pretext of impossible kind that metrosexual teddybears and narcissistic women use to rationalize their endless promiscuity as a "temporary search of the right partner", that in reality will be life-long list of failures, addictions, traumas, divorces, lies, treason, serial monogamy, with depression and crises solved relying on parents (old, disappearing platform), drugs (porn, weed, alcohol), or deviance. They hope to achieve this "Final Battle" with expected predestined victory of Muslims by provoking an invasion on the ground by "Western" aries. It is a collective movement of genocide and immolation by permanent Jihad in Orthodox observance of their religion. The real, major, central, exciting "Plan A+" for Daesh is Doomsday, here, now, quickly, following Quran, that says slam will win in a final battle against "Romans" (or Farangs, or "Westerners", or "Crusaders", or Israel or N-America) in Syria. They want to achieve this with successful sustained terrorism and expansionism – that impresses the Muslim public and outrages the infidels; their noise and damage, even if obviously small in absolute terms, has the goal to seize the world narrative with media magnification, imposing their own rhetoric and rising as visible, authentic, decisive. It included individual and organizational equipment, organic weapons and vehicles, five units of fire for all weapons, C and K rations for twelve days, medical supplies for ten days, seven days of gasoline per vehicle on board, and five gallons of water for each man. So what Daesh wants is causing this "final invasion" from Isramerika into their alleged "holy sites" (eg, Dabeq, and some towns in Syria), possibly attracting as many terrorists as possible on their side in the process. These extreme positions of archaic Christians and radical Feminists fight for money and resources in the US, but they agree about rhetoric and narrative of Americentric superiority to be imposed abroad. It is important to understand that the Islamists feel to be playing a part of high-tech actors – digital protagonists – in the holiest of all movies, following carefully their own perfect reading of a sacred plot already supposedly written by Mohammed, according to the presumed word of Allah. So far as I know, it was the only operation by American forces in World War II which was weighed out to the last pound, and is therefore the only source of a basic logistical figure for one man in combat. the combat Soldier than a general indifference toward his problem and the failure to afford him additional relief. But its strength in armor was greater than that which normally supports an infantry regiment-one battalion had been added. On the supply ships were B rations for twenty-four days, five gallons of water per man, thirty days of medical, engineering, quartermaster and signal supply, fifteen days of gasoline per vehicle in the BLTs, and thirty days of fuel supply for the LVTs, bulldozers and tractors. Everyone who interviewed them or read their books, agreed: the final goal of Daesh, the stated and actual goal as visible in the facts, is to reach End of the World as in their exegesis of Quran. We need only take one look at the over-all figures to make it immediately clear that the combat Soldier can carry only a few of the things he needs to sustain him day after day. Worse, we have listened to these masses and to their shepherds – charlatans and demagogues – about how to rule the system and how to orient the policies – a thing much better done listening more to engineers and scientists. To be polemical, we have put the elite level power of expert professionals who control the industrial technology at the service of the pleasure of illiterate dogs and ignorant pigs busy masturbating on porn on iPhone, getting laid and stoned in downtown Manhattan, and seen on the latest expensive SUV in Washington DC Boulevards. As we will discuss and as we already suggested when we say "Centrality of surface", Digital narcissism, "Idolatry of wealth", "Quantification of quality", "Dictatorship of marketing", we indicate a way to interpret the drama, the decadence, the disasters and the perversions of modernity – the way is realizing that rationality, the science, the logic, the industry, the organization, the technology, the experience, the efficiency, the professionalism, "the Iron Cage" – in other words, all the "things that work", all the "stuff that matters", all the "methods that bring results", have been submitted, exploited, misused and utilized, by capitalism and consumerism for the liberation, the empowerment, the expansion, the promotion, the appeasement, the addiction of greed, hedonism, selfishness, narcissism, instincts of masses of self-entitled voters and almighty buyers affected by ignorance, superficiality, incompetence and delusions. So why speak of lightening the burden of the Soldier when the tonnage figures rise higher even while you look at them? another word for trench t rench extra long trench coat men what was a trench marianas tench service trenches mariana tench trench jacket men mens blue trench coat cheap brown trench coat mens trench coats on sale single breasted trench coat men bottom of marianas trench long brown coats trench marianas types of trenches picture of mariana trench trenchment whats a trench soldiers in trenches costume trench coat mariana trunch the deepest trench trench wikipedia in the trench brown pea coat marianas trenc marianas trench images trenches in wwi long mens trench coat


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