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Being unfamiliar with the kit, it took a while to adjust things like trouser braces, water bottles and haversacks so they didn’t fall off or swing about, but before too long we were ready to set off down the Nar valley way. We also discovered that although the man in front can see where to put his feet, the man behind cannot, nor is the the man at the rear necessarily following the man in front as we made our way across tree roots, mud and plank bridges! Nightfall saw us at the church in Swanton Morley, at first tucked under the lee of the porch, where we had a cup of tea on the tommy cooker, before we explored and finally ensconced ourselves under a comfortable yew tree. We also took greater care as to where the slings sat on our shoulders, being carefull to shrug them down as far as possible so they didn’t ride on our necks. Because of the shortage of shipping space the men slept on the ground, with a blanket or so and a shelter half; they cut foliage for bedding. Without contributing vitally to the general morale, it serves to increase the load of war well beyond safe limits. After the bells we waved goodbye to our new friends and made our way back to our tree where we wrapped up for the night. Whilst we were enjoying our supper of biscuit and jam, the local bell ringing team arrived, and we were invited to the belfry to watch the fun. two, three, lift!” I found myself being propelled upward as if I were in a lay-down lift, and after my exertions, I had the strange sensation that I would keep going up. (Though it rarely have happened the other way, with the Navy taking the spitty end of the stick, I never heard of it.) The Soldier compared his own lack of luxury and skinned-down in- We were all, by this time thinking very hard about what we were doing, and together we had come to the conclusion that the Stretcher Bearers from the Great War must have been super-human. The evil is rooted partly in the senseless competition between the armed services in arranging special privileges and comforts for their separate forces when engaged in joint operations. HOWEVER, the call for a tidal change in our thinking and method of control cannot be effectively answered in terms of a reform within one service only. We have been finished a couple of days now, so let me give you an outline of what we did, and how we felt. The weather turned bad again, and we walked the field margin in the lashing rain, thankful of our capes. First we discovered that stretched out, the casualty’s boots kicked the lead SB in the ‘back of the legs’ and his head was placed conveniently to receive the bottom of the SBR across the bridge of the nose. I eased my problems by removing my haversack and tucking it under the casualty’s knees, giving his legs some support too. And so with a change of night attire, Stephen and Lyndon swapping, and the temperature dropping we blew out the lamp and tried to sleep. My helmet fell off, Stephen couldn’t grip the handles and Lyndon felt like he was about to be thrown into the river! That these pressures are hard to resist is well understood by everyone who was familiar with the World War II atmosphere in Washington. That they are ever likely to become less is a wishful thought hardly sustained by the passage of postwar events. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for Day three’s update coming soon, and please donate to our Royal British Legion page at; Not long into the day, it was my turn to be carried, and I lay down with relief to ease my aching muscles. I found that my helmet kept my head and shoulders dry, and I had, by this time gotten used to the weight of it. From the viewpoint of the businessman, and of his particular friends in political life, the wartime Army is a great business institution, and a shining mark for the sale of any product which can be given even the pale shadow of a legitimate purpose. double breasted trench womens raincoats with hood ruffled trench coat long leather trench coat flare trench coat women outerwear colorblock trench coat pea coat women sale twill trench coat cream trench coat classic trench winter long coats for women feminine trench coat cheap womens coats womens winter dress coats leopard print trench coat short trench ladies coats with hoods hooded trench trench coat wool short trench coat men trench coat petite military coats for women belted trench coat men mens short trench coat womens black peacoat quilted trench coat gabardine trench coat lady coats mens long trench coat


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