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Much of this information is availВ­able from the service member’s Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) — the equivalent of a military pay stub. As the differential BAH is capped at the amount of child support, practitioners should calculate this figure and plan accordingly to maximize the benefit the child(ren) will receive in cases where the child support might otherwise be less than the BAH differential. The qualities that a leaders in military requires have a lot in correlation with the qualities that a leader cum manager requires in business world. For National Guard members, their Current Annual Statement provides a summary of the points earned towards retirement, broken out by year, making calculating the marital portion to be divided in a divorce fairly straight forward. The value of leadership and team building has a defining role in the success of a operation or professional growth and increase in profits in a business and therefore requires due deliberation on part of leaders and managers at all levels. The website for the Office of the Secretary of Defense provides calculators that allow retirement benВ­efits to be calculated based on a variety of different scenarios. There are a variety of formulas which apply to calculate military retirement depending on factors such as when the service member first joined active duty service and whether the service member chose to receive a Career Status Bonus. This article examines the most common, but any additional benefits being received should be researched, considered, and applied when applicable. Since military professionals and their activities are generally confined to their cantonments, the outside world little knows about their skills and values when they transition from military to corporate. If the service member is already receiving retirement benefits, the member’s Retiree Account Statement (RAS) will show the retired pay and benefits received. The LES reflects not only earnings and deductions, but also such information as the service member’s grade (rank) and years in service. Divorces in which one or both spouses are, or were, in the military present many obstacles that are often overlooked by divorce practiВ­tioners. When representing a client in a military divorce, one must know what benefits the military spouse is receiving and how these benefits might change following a divorce. In a world filled with acronyms and an overlap of federal and state laws, military divorces can be significantly different than what is encountered in most “civilian” cases and the potential minefields often seem endless. The intent of this article is to address just a few of the most common issues frequently encountered in military divorces. Tony asks if there are any more reasons for geofizz not working, and a tired and understandably frustrated John says, ‘how long have you got?’ With the Resistance survey, John explains that ‘normally the fill that goes into the ditch is water logged so when we go over we get a high signal. If the ditch wasn’t a ditch, but a field boundary- there would be no rubbish and no burning and the fill that went into the ditch would have been sterile – hence no signal’. Fortunately, the mystery does not take long to resolve and after a few bucket loads it is clear what was causing the anomaly. The Team concludes that the site was once that of a second to fourth century Romano British Farm, reusing ditches from the time of the invasion. John who is tired, exasperated and defeated says ‘This is the worst geophysical site we’ve been on and we want to go home!’ As Chris and John walk with heads held low, Phil offers some compensation and jokes: ‘Don’t rush off! Phil, Chris and John gather at the side of the trench and Phil announces that ‘gravel’ was the cause of the anomaly. John explains (with the use of diagrams) that the magnetics didn’t work because ‘if it was a fort, then all the rubbish and the burning would have been put into the ditches when it went out of use. While the present invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments, it should be understood by those skilled in the art that obvious changes may be made and equivalents may be substituted without departing from the true spirit and scope of the invention. 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