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British imperialism was not a conservative force either at home or abroad; on the contrary the Whiggish materialistic ideology that drove it systematically destroyed tradition everywhere – including in Britain itself. I would argue that the opposite is true: that the rampant trashy consumerism and cultural leftism of modern Britain is the logical endpoint of the values of the Empire. Several contributors to this thread seem to imply that modern PC multicultural Britain is the antithesis of old Imperial Britain. Wonderful stuff once again, its always a wee highlight to get these little pieces that fall outside the usual contentious issue stuff, so please keep em coming. Yes indeed those events had an historical magnitude to equal (perhaps surpass) any other event in human history, far greater than most, and beyond comprehension I feel. The Great War cost us the flower of our race; the culmination of a people forged and refined in honest labour, battle, prayer, industry and commerce from the before Norman Conquest till those evil days. We are without doubt a people diminished in quality and stature, living in the ruins of a civilisation our forefathers built whom we only now half-remember through the fog of a century of propaganda and social engineering. These themes, and the others you mention, are (in my opinion) worthy of much greater exploration and analysis, and I do hope that you will find time for them to be explored. I ask only because your next point about ‘monarchy and aristocratic government’ seems to suggest that the latter was a preferable system, and I know you have railed against universal suffrage previously. I am though particularly intrigued by your suggestion that the outcome of The Great War ‘fulfilled all the worst aims of the French revolution,’ and your list of these (presumably) evils. She had never seen her father in anything other than still photographs, and her reaction was extremely moving. The fascist thugs of the SS divisions are the main carriers of this "spirit." They brought in modern, well equipped army medieval manners of condottieri. Finally, Housman is a wonderful poet and writer and his work often evokes a huge degree of nostalgia. The presenter showed her an old film reel, of which, she was, previously, completely unaware, of her father flying an airship over the trenches just after the ceasefire. It fanned the lowest instincts of a man, to whom "everything is permitted": murder, violence, and looting of other nations. In the narrow circle of his closest confidants Hitler cynically admitted that he "had no the slightest regret for the precious blood." However, he couldn’t tell soldiers about their inevitable sacrifice, or about any difficulties, losses and failures. Hitler, by his own expression, assumed the "right to kill millions of people of inferior races." He knew that in order to achieve these cannibalistic goals he has to throw the cream of the German population into a hurricane of a future war. There was another part of the program that told of the first moments of the Somme immediately after the artillery barrage ceased, and how the second and third waves of soldiers, witnessed the complete slaughter of the wave that went before them, and yet, they still advanced toward those machine guns and inevitable death. We are the soldiers." German propaganda was quick to cover callousness of the military machine with the new myth about the "iron moral character," supposedly inherent for the Nazi army soldier. "I have never, since I first heard these lines, been able to remain composed after reading them, even silently in my head." His consciousness was distorted by the idea that only he, "pure-blood Aryan", is created to dominate and win. One wonders how anyone could read such scripted artistry (my goodness, Housman achieves enormous content, with such economy of words) and remain unmoved, but sadly a lot do so. It has quite a large number of those, whose consciousness is diluted by the fear of the fascist dictatorship, which suppresses the slightest glimmer of human thought. Indeed, if there is any truth in Thoreau’s maxim about the ‘mass of men’ leading ‘lives of quiet desperation’ then, I would argue, that was probably more so the case during the ‘long nineteenth century’ than afterwards, and most certainly more so than now. For many years the military command drummed into the brain of the German soldiers that the lightning strike will bring coveted victory to the army. ladies jackets and coats black trench coat with red lining tranch coats thin trench coat cheap coats for women velvet trench coat womens spring coats boys black trench coat clear trench coat tripp trench coat down coats women patterned trench coat trench coat mango womens winter coats sale ladies coats sale trench coat lady womens trenchcoats ladies long winter coats pea coat trench uk trench coat puffer coats for women womens black coat trench coat brown girls black trench coat balmoral trench coat trenchcoats for women pea coat jackets womens jacket hm trench coat women trenchcoat


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