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Her heroines are all mothers, and the involvement with their children cuts sharply across their concern with a career and their desire for emotional freedom. She deliberately presents her themes with in the frameworkof a conventional novel; she likes what she calls “a good traditional tale”. One thing seems certain, however-the best works of contemporary prose and poetry are being put at the service of the momentous issues of today and bear relevance to the needs and aspiration of humanity. During their painful searchings and struggle they reveal the contradictory psychological make-up that Margaret Drabble thinks is characteristic of modern British women. English literature is passing through a period of transition and any forecasts concerning its further development would be arbitrary. The middle level of detective stories has been reached by succesful and gifted novelists like Agatha Chritie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Cyril Hare, John Le Carre and other. In “The Ice Age” Margaret Drabble gives a convincing description of Britain in the throes of an economic and cultural crisis. Their ager originates in their inability to communicate with others as fully and meaningfully as they would like to; all of them are intelligent young men from the lawer or lawer-middle classes educated at provincial universities but let loose in a society doucinated more than ever by ruthless class distinctions. In the mid-fities, post-war disillusionment, divergence between hopes and reality determined the character of fiction created by a group of wtiters who came collectively to be known as the “Angry Young Men”.Among them were Kingley Amis, John Wain, John Braine, John Osborne and Colin Wilson, it is important to note that they did not belong to a clearly defined movement. According, “The Heart of the Malter” is set in West Africa and “The Quin American”is played out against the background of war in Vietnam; it is likewise in character that the action of “A Burnt – Out Case” takes place in the Cougo, and “The Comedians” disclose the truth about the tyranny in Haiti. Well, a Steve Quayle is when someone spreads fear and rumors for some form of narcissistic pleasure and uses the alternative media outlets to do so while at the same time plugging a book or product to quench the scared audienceРІР‚в„ўs fears. Iris Murdoch created a series of intricate novels that essentially deal with the nature of man and his delusions. In a series of essays entitled “Going Home” she frequently advocates direct participation in political action. Among the English writers who are intensely committed to sense of social responsability and to a warm sympathy with those oppressed by sociaty is Doris Lessing. John Fowles is a highly imaginetive and innovative modern writer.Fowles probes deep into human relations, espessially those between the opposite sexes. It was essentially a line of defensive works comprising trenches, barbed wire entanglements, blockhouses and underground shelters. The militarized zone of the front, which separated the zone occupied by the Germans from the rest of France. Only the Western Front saw action throughout the length of the war and it was there that the conflict was finally decided. Millions of soldiers saw service on the front, where the incessant shelling of both sides transformed the area into a landscape of craters and desolation, and several million of them perished there after enduring the cold, unhealthy and parasite-ridden conditions of the trenches. However despite the surprise, and at great human cost, the French Army was able to withstand the assault and retreat, without dislocating, to the great plains situated to the north of Paris. The plan prescribed a surprise attack through neutral Belgium and the plains of Northern France, executed by a considerable force of infantry, cavalry and artillery, while at the same time neutralizing the French initiatives on the Franco-German border. Allan Sillitoe, Sid Chaplin, Sten Barstow and David Storey provide the lower-class perspective of the post-war situations. Below some of the economical, political and national crisis data will provided to demonstrate evident proves of great influence of war actions. Throughout the conflict the various sectors of the front experienced periods of calm punctuated by heavy shelling and bloody offensives. 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