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Republican political and economic “autonomy”, the Macedonian language, reinterpretation of history, the Macedonian church, and all other attributes of a distinct nationality have played a major role in de-Bulgarizing the Macedonian population.” Thus the party has not only recognized the nationality, but also has taken and still undertakes vigorous steps to encourage its culture to differentiate Macedonian from Bulgarian. Nevertheless what the real purpose was, it is understandable, and this is also the conclusion of the above mentioned two American authors, that Soviet Russia needed friendly Bulgarian nation, but not a too strong and self-confident one. A third reason for recognizing the Macedonian nationality was “to eliminate the Bulgarian consciousness of the vast majority of Vardar Macedonians. In fact, it is chiefly the high commanders who have laid this curse on the back of the fighting man right down through the ages. “It is rumored in Skoplye that Russian linguists will assist in the formulation of a standard Macedonian language. But a non-Bulgarian, non-Serbian population of Slavs could belong to a federation of Slavic peoples as one of the fraternal nations. The American authors Stephen E.Palmer, Jr and Robert R.King in their book “Yugoslav Communism and the Macedonian Question” are giving the scientific explanation of the quick formation of a Macedonian nation in Tito’s Yugoslavia, under the strong influence of the Soviet Union. At the same time it must be taken into consideration that this organization is not a single and isolated form of a self-determination of the Bulgarians from Macedonia. The bayonet is not a chemical agent the mere possession of it will not make men one whit more intrepid than they are by nature. “An area inhabited by a population seventy percent of which was Bulgarian should justifiably belong to Bulgaria.” And since the people there strongly opposed being called Serbs, it would be impossible after the war to use this method of legalizing their retention as a part of Yugoslavia. Second, this kind of policy was useful to justify the retention of Vardar Macedonia within the Yugoslav federation. No work on these lines is being carried on at present.” And more: “Before the war, Macedonia, although the principal Yugoslav tobacco producer, did not have a single tobacco factory. It is a small irony, however, that these killings took place about six minutes after the main charge had subsided. All that may be said of such training is that, like the old Butts Manual, its values derive only from the physical exercise. Textbooks for the schools will not be printed untill an alphabet has been officially adopted.” The involvement of the Soviet politics in the formation of the new nation was not only rumours. Their observations are to be trusted more than the most positive opinions of any senior commander who has had no recent experience with warfighting. I doubt that any combat officer of the last war below field grade would agree that this idea has any merit whatever. That should be done in accordance with the record, and without the slightest sentiment So considered, the bayonet will be as difficult to justify as the type of slingshot with which David slew Goliath. The bayonet needs now to be re-evaluated by our Army solely on what it represents as an instrument for killing and protection. This recognition came, since after the partition of Yugoslavia during the Second World War the Yugoslav Communist Party could hardly retain control over Vardar Macedonia, which was cruicial for her having in mind the strategic position of the district. Very important document to show the opposite appears to be the above cited document: “During the occupation the Bulgarians laid road beds for two new railroad lines: one running from Kumanovo to Kriva Palanka and thence to Gershevo, the other from Kochane to Gorna Djoumaya. “No Macedonian in Yugoslavia would admit openly that he considers himself Bulgarian – it is neither wise nor safe to do so.” After the war the Tito’s propaganda machine, helped by the Bulgarian “anti-fascist” one, flooded the people with the devastations inflicted by the Bulgarian army over the territory of Vardar Macedonia. Bulgarians from Macedonia – representatives of all professions – workers, farmers, village people, townsmen, handicraftsmen, merchants, intelligentsia, members of all parties, availed of their historical chance. But we have stubbornly clung to it-partly because of tradition which makes it inevitable that all military habits die a slow death, but chiefly because of the superstition that the bayonet makes troops fierce and audacious, and therefore more likely to close with the enemy. fashionable trench coats long trench coats for men womens wool coat single breasted trench coat mens sale trench coat ladies trench mens black double breasted trench coat buy trench coats where to get a trench coat womens wool trench coat black long trench coat trench raincoat with hood coats trench extra long trench coat double breasted coat rain trench coats mens black trench coat womens trench coat petite long winter coat mens trench mens wool trench coat double breasted mens all weather trench coat long coat colored trench coats polka dot trench coat mens black trench coats long leather trench coats for men long mens overcoats mens double breasted wool trench coat leather trench coats for men


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