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The "Westernized" new generations (overall the US) appear a society castrated, brainwashed and deformed by the symbiotic, parallel, polarized, alienated positions – Feminized, Ginecolatric rhetoric of Political Correctness Fanaticism (immature female side who wants automatic mandatory happiness for all, blaming white powerful men for everything), pitted against their privileged rival – Neo-Con Patriotic Militarist Exceptionalism (immature boys who accuse the rest of the world of being the enemy responsible for their inadequate manhood); they live obsessed and immersed in their own solipsistic, internal, always more strained internal rhetoric and oblivious of the rest of the world, in a always more unsustainable "we are the best", "nobody must be offended" narrative, needed for marketing, consumerism and production, projected toward unrealistic American Dreams of endless success for everyone. An otherwise courageous man may be turned into a creature incapable of making positive decisions or of contending against his own fears. But there is also the strategic goal, a long-term crescendo, planned in terms of years in a process started with the declaration of the "Caliphate". North Americans, too, as we said, loathe any Muslim or Chinese interference in the domestic narrative and in the internal sovereignty, more like a vicious Empress in a court than like an arrogant warlord on the battlefield would. Interestingly, the seemingly incompatible Radical Feminists and Christian Fundamentalists based in the US would -not so oddly – find themselves agreeing in bipartisan form, for the defense of their privileges and for the preservation of their imperial matrix, in refusing Islamic propaganda and large Muslim migrations in N-America. And so it is a top priority for Daesh to hit as many soft targets of touristic, jet-set category, where rich westerners go or feel they could go next, in the most popular leisure locations that it can reach. Social-Economic damage for fear, anger, controls, disruption of habits is the medium-term goal, requiring the execution of such attacks on a regular base. Finally, Daesh wants to hit the large hedonist capitals because it realizes that the best attention is given (and thus the best return for investment of terror forces is achieved) when terrorists hit North America or United Kingdom or places where English speakers are easily found. In fact this instinctive, reactive desire of strategic protection of power and culture from foreign influence (and not just from terror action) holds true even in the officially cosmopolitan liberalist superpower – Isramerika. These attacks when well-aimed and successful achieve also a massive magnification effect when the media broadcast shocking news. This fits perfectly with the former consideration of the impossibility for someone to be in the real practice, observant Muslim and N-American patriot at the same time. Terrorists realize that hitting people in Yemen, Pakistan or Nigeria, even in the thousands, cannot have the same psychological impact on an Americentric world, that can instead be reached killing even just some dozens of international tourists in popular places where native English speakers love spending their free time. The destructive function of the attacks on Paris – the centre of the happy romantic imagination of Americentric tourism – is disrupting the collective vibe of relaxed optimism that keeps the consumerism alive. Yet this is of extreme importance operationally, since it means that when mobility is lost because of physically exhausted troops, defensive protection is lost with it. The William Frederick studies, in common with all other scientific inquiries into the physical effects of overloading, had the curious blind spot directing almost no attention to the fact that physical breakdown is accompanied in ratio by a decline in the mental and moral powers of men. or in a failed family nuclei that leave them prematurely overexposed to the world (easily the same family can evolve from an extreme to the other, due to bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorces), with a childhood permeated either by Neo-Con dogmas or Feminazi slogans, and generally intolerant to any contact with the other side, without that any credible, mature authority really tries to provide themin critical young age, with theories, examples, skills to understand the real world, which will be seen and lived through strongly ideological and dogmatic matrixes of thought (Feminism, Exceptionalism, Neo-con etc). From the physical findings alone, the Institute concluded that forty-eight pounds per man was the absolute limit under the stress and fatigue of the combat field . As we said, in the US, a foreign ownership of core assets and bases of foreign armed forces are unthinkable. In the strategic perspective Daesh uses such terror attacks, their virtual magnification and their social impact, transformed in the "new normality" as forms of advertisement, demonstration, exhibition, supremacy, rhetoric and narrative. So a parallel economic damage for lost business due to fear and security accompanies the psychologic harm. This means in effect that even if a man could go into battle with no more nerves than a robot, the carrying of sixty pounds into a prolonged engagement would result ultimately in physical breakdown. On this regard, the feminized side of the narrative (being also single mothers the most numerous kind of parent) is of course the friendliest to "all minorities", the one growing in numbers, the one preaching universal acceptation, the most open about including newcomers, forgiving any guilt and championing all orientations, loathing all "hard" authorities, and also the one more fluid and more active in the youth – it is the side in which we see the "Internet culture" related changes happening first and in greater magnitude. Postwar exercises have shown us that men have zero mobility, and hence zero fighting power when the weather gets fifty degrees below zero. During warm weather, under a load of sixty pounds, the man under test began to show physical distress almost immediately, and the loss of physical power, from marching with that weight, was measurable for several days afterward. As a man becomes dehydrated during summer fighting, his courage flows out through his pores, along with his muscular strength. navy trench coat mens black leather trench coat brown leather trench coat mens women trench coat trench coat for women navy blue trench coat green trench coat ladies trench coats men leather trench coat womens black trench coat mens black coat long overcoat men trench coat mens black buy mens trench coat trench coat men cheap brown jackets long coats for women facts about marianas trench trenchis facts about mariana trench what is the meaning of trenches what is a tranch mariana strench what does trencher mean the mariana coats for women images of marianas trench womens coats trench coats for women trench dictionary


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