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This simple but effective technique has been used to determine the rates of plate motion at divergent boundaries, for example the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and transform boundaries, such as the San Andreas Fault. One of these zones marks the Mediterranean-Alpine region between the Eurasian and African Plates, within which several smaller fragments of plates (microplates) have been recognized. Current plate movement can be tracked directly by means of ground-based or space-based geodetic measurements; geodesy is the science of the size and shape of the Earth. it discounts the one supreme logistical advantage the United States possesses in the power competition-the unchallenged superiority of its sea forces. The Blanco, Mendocino, Murray, and Molokai fracture zones are some of the many fracture zones (transform faults) that scar the ocean floor and offset ridges (see text). To determine its precise position on Earth (longitude, latitude, elevation), each GPS ground site must simultaneously receive signals from at least four satellites, recording the exact time and location of each satellite when its signal was received. We can measure how fast tectonic plates are moving today, but how do scientists know what the rates of plate movement have been over geologic time? These objections aside, however, there is certainly no argument against the proposal that the more air transportable we become, the more necessary it is that we radically reduce the weight of our baggage . If a rock formation of known age — with distinctive composition, structure, or fossils — mapped on one side of a plate boundary can be matched with the same formation on the other side of the boundary, then measuring the distance that the formation has been offset can give an estimate of the average rate of plate motion. By repeatedly measuring distances between specific points, geologists can determine if there has been active movement along faults or between plates. Ground-based measurements are taken with conventional but very precise ground-surveying techniques, using laser-electronic instruments. First, the character of a national defense is based primarily on what is needed to secure the interior and its outpost line, including overseas bases. In some regions, the boundaries are not well defined because the plate-movement deformation occurring there extends over a broad belt (called a plate-boundary zone ). The three most commonly used space-geodetic techniques — very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), satellite laser ranging (SLR), and the Global Positioning System (GPS) — are based on technologies developed for military and aerospace research, notably radio astronomy and satellite tracking. Examples of these large scars include the Clarion, Molokai, and Pioneer fracture zones in the Northeast Pacific off the coast of California and Mexico. The school of the Soldier is a postgraduate course because the ultimate purpose of any fighting establishment makes a far sterner requirement of its individuals than is asked of other However, because plate motions are global in scale, they are best measured by satellite-based methods. These zones are presently inactive, but the offsets of the patterns of magnetic striping provide evidence of their previous transform-fault activity. Always, in writing about mobility in military forces, there is a strong urge to write of the qualities of mind that are needed in the individual man if he is to be ever ready to get on his horse and go. This transform fault connects the East Pacific Rise, a divergent boundary to the south, with the South Gorda — Juan de Fuca — Explorer Ridge, another divergent boundary to the north. To bring them off would call for more inspired sweat than any reform ever undertaken by any military organization at any time. Because plate-boundary zones involve at least two large plates and one or more microplates caught up between them, they tend to have complicated geological structures and earthquake patterns. If we can get that, we can produce more mobile Soldier, and we will not have to be so introspective about the qualities needed in junior leaders to give troops imagination and self-starting initiative. No nation, other than an aggressor pointing toward war at an already predetermined hour, can afford the waste entailed in organizing its whole national military establishment toward the strategy of intercepting a major enemy force at great distance and decisively beating it down. It has been said further that we will not approach the ideal in strategic mobility until all hitting forces of the ground are made air transportable. winter coat ladies long wool coats for women ladies fashion coats red trench coat cheap stylish trench coats for women wrap coat womens overcoats coats with hoods for women ladies long raincoat affordable trench coat womens designer coats women long jacket winter jackets for women sale cheap coats yellow trench coat women mens coats winter outerwear for women long trench coat mens fur coat p coats grey coats gray trench coat women cute trench coat rothschild coats black coats for women discount womens coats cheap mens trench coats trench coats mens petite trench coat with hood spring trench


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