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Before any construction activities can begin, a survey crew carefully surveys and stakes the construction right of way. I’ll be totally frank: answering your question isn’t easy, since we’re walking a very fine line here. Using a series of sidebooms, which are tracked construction equipment with a boom on the side, operators simultaneously lift and carefully lower the welded pipe sections into the trench. After all, the line that separates opposition activists from the fifth column is hard to see from the outside. We have created an online platform for identifying and supporting the gifted children in all Russian regions. It’s important that it is not a commercial but a social project that is implemented by young people and for young people. In areas where the ground is rocky and coarse, crews screen the backfill material to remove rocks, bring in clean soil to cover the pipeline, or cover the pipe with a protective material to protect from sharp rocks. By the way, in the last movie by Nikita Mikhalkov, such officers, who actually brought these efforts to their logical end, the revolution, were later killed by revolutionaries. This helps foster a feeling of patriotism, social responsibility to the country and also professionalism. Opposition activists may be very harsh in their criticism, but at the end of the day they are defending the interests of the motherland. This hydrostatic testing is the final construction quality assurance test before the pipeline is put into operation. After all, he was an officer, and a very brave and courageous one, who wasn’t afraid to get into the line of fire in the country’s interests. In rocky areas, sandbags or foam blocks are placed at the bottom of the trench prior to placing the pipeline in the trench in order to protect the pipe and coating from damage. Soil is returned to the trench in reverse order, with the subsoil put back first, followed by the topsoil. Before natural gas is transported through a new pipeline, the entire length of the pipeline is pressure tested using water. As with previous construction crews, the backfilling crew takes care to protect the pipeline and coating as the soil is returned to the trench. To whom were you referring when talking about national traitors and the fifth column, and where, in your opinion, is the line that separates the opposition from the fifth column? Finally, do you feel personally responsible for the revival of this term, which increases hostilities and divisions in society? It would probably be very challenging to come up with an academic definition of where the opposition ends and the fifth column begins. And the fifth column is those who serve the interests of other countries, and who are only tools for others’ political goals. POLINA DANILOVA, STUDENT NEWSPAPER OTKRYTKA, THE INSTITUTE FOR THE HUMANITIES AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES (IGUMO): Good afternoon. As you may be aware, and probably a lot of you know, when he wrote “The Death of a Poet” on the death of Pushkin, one of his relatives saw the text and asked Lermontov to soften it a bit. Grading is required to provide a relatively level surface to allow safe operation of the heavy equipment required to dig the trench and install the pipe. That said, we can’t mask the truth indefinitely and sometimes it is our duty to call the things by their names. POLINA DANILOVA: We have launched the Gifted Children portal in trial mode, and will open it to the public in February. brown leather coats monki trench coat waxed trench coat trench coats london beautiful trench coats buberry trench coat bomber trench coat bonded trench coat children trench coat cream coat men trench coat men slim tan trench coat for men jacket for mens cool mens trench coats trench coat review marine trench coat elle trench coat zalando trench coat trench coat for mens trench coat outlet men trench trench coat next lady trench coat princess trench coat trench coat summer trench coat herr trench coat parka brown overcoat mens iconic trench coat brown women coat


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