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New reports describe that this first generation of the Internet Era, now arriving to college age, in the US, is working hard, collectively, in a grassroots, acephalous, utopian form (much like, in atomized idealism, the Third Intifada right now happening in Israel) to ban any vague hint of debate of ethnic or gender kind in US campuses, threatening legal action against their Universities for any word or expression which could sound like a "micro-aggression", hereby included asking "where are you from" to new students. The status, the vibe and the feeling of wealth, fun, optimism, bliss in which "Western" metrosexual youth loves to be immersed and desires to remain untouched (afraid to face the reality of its bleak, empty future and limited, waning resources) is in reality a very artificial, very deceptive, very solipsistic, very shallow, overall very vulnerable a condition – a single act of violence can ruin it for months, together with morale and revenue of whole countries. The system inserted grandiosity gap, cognitive dissonance with intellectual dishonesty in the dominant fabric of its own society. They are simply ill-fitting organisms for the very same social fabric that designed them incoherently, as much as for any other form of adult, autonomous, productive life – be it traditional or modern. The third step is to set up in peacetime a system of absolute control which will make it impossible for any staff, once the firing begins to override common sense simply because it has overstrained its imagination. Such generations are more likely to be failed deviants that follow deviant paths (including Daesh) rather than defenders of "Isramerika", that on the long term leads them to global disaster anyway. Islamism loathes this cheerful status of oblivious, unresponsive, juvenile, hapless consumer bliss (so very Americentric and Eurotouristic); they consider its cultural destruction a special target of revenge, retaliation, vandalism and amplification. And terrorism like the Paris attacks have this function of collective psychological breakdown and aggressive poisoning of the collective imagination with confusion, anger, fear and anguish – for the lack of easy fun and for the risk of sudden death (even if such risks are more theoretical than authentic, in a virtualized, digitalized system what matters is the perception). There is need for natural, adult (quality based, results-oriented, risk-taking, responsibility-taking), credible supremacy, defeating any superficial surrogate (cute looking stars), controllable archetype (Obama) or exotic alternative (for example, foreign toyboys) that misses content, facts and message coherent with the local collective necessities. Promising freedom and equality and saying that people (and their idols) know how to produce them, we have in fact liberated and empowered (also giving to women the wrong kind of freedom) the animalistic, narcissistic, childish, selfish, egolatric aspects of humanity, with the demolition of productive, feasible social fabric as we knew it. You can intuitively understand how these frequent individual failures in this kind of purposefully neutered, ateleological system are very available to alien ideologies for hijacking and brainwashing. As we discussed, the "Western" world became a permanent Disneyland of mandatory fun, superficial happiness and endless present full of boys and girls who became amorphous consumers incapable of manhood and femininity of adult and functional kind (capable of self-reliance, reproduction, self-defence). For cyborgs who need doses of artificial happiness everyday, the disruption of this narcotic supply can be devastating. Additionally, self-centered enjoyment of wild fun and good mood, seen from outside, causes even more anger, more envy, and more resentment by the excluded and by the uninvited – for lack of money, for depth of drama, or for difference of faith, whom rationalize their hatred for hedonism (not entirely mistaking) as a form of outrage, as phenomenon of corruption and as demonstration of indifference, also alien and derisive of their own fanaticism. For one, it is necessary for the modern army to break away from the stubborn idea, dating from the Medes and the Persians, that what a Soldier can carry on a hard road march during training is a fair measure of the load that he can manage efficiently when under fire . AS WITH any other problem in war, it is easier to state the factors than to outline the general means of correction. So the outcome of this demolition of the old family order without building an alternative human tribe is a horde of immature boys (who possibly think that owning a gun makes them men) and narcissistic girls (who think that loving pets and minorities will save the world) incapable to build a full life and depending on old families and aging parents for their own survival in the cyclical failures of their dysfunctional immature existences – divorces, bankruptcies, drug-addiction, job termination, home foreclosure etc. The tremendous increase jn the weight of material carried by the Soldier over any earlier period is a much marked aspect of warfare today. It means having the courage to believe that the Soldier with only five clips in his pocket but spring in his gait is tenfold stronger than the man who is foundered under the weight of ammunition he will never use. Because this feeling of safety, this aura of fun and this vibe of relax is weak as much as it is valuable. It would seem possible and practical that research could be directed toward the development of substances which might quickly correct the physiological changes from prolonged fear reaction. The illusory state of perfect happiness and great optimism that "Western" youth enjoys planning Rock & Roll, Movida, Disneyland and Football match in Paris, taking a short flight or a fast train from Amsterdam to London, from Chicago to New York, from Houston to Miami, or from Berlin to Barcelona, without even showing a document, is one core cultural aspect that Islamism wants to hit via terrorism in Europe (and if possible in the US). Terrorists know the metropolitan happiness of concerts, shopping, pubs, travels and discos is fragile and destructible with blitzes, raids, bombs and kamikazes (not so hard abusing the well-established laissez-passer of trust and low security until now reigning in EU and US to not disturb hedonism). They would be men who would fight with rocks and their bare fists if they lost their weapons .” It is a challenging idea-that by better diet control we can build men up physically until they become relatively fear-proof. I do not doubt that there has been many a case of apparent cowardice on the battlefield, wherein it was adjudged that the offense called for a firing squad, when what was really needed were a few salt tablets . where is the marianas trench located marianas tranch military trench coat men the trench line what are the trenches mens military trench coat marianas trench cover to trench maraina trench slim trench coat men black coat mens what is the definition of trench living in the trenches mens long trench coats brown raincoat information about the trenches trench image what ocean is the mariana trench in marianas trench website where is marianas trench located definition for trench excavated trench trench translation blue trench coat mens mens long leather coat mens trench coat with hood trench definition geology mariana treanch marinaras trench what is the marianas trench


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