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It is therefore especially curious that there is less competent military literature on this subject-the economy of the powers of fighting men-than on any other aspect of war. Second, like most quotes, yours proves nothing of any substance–and because Tolstoy said it does not make it valid. Coca Cola, jazz, modern advertising and business culture already had a foot hold in Europe; all of it would have advanced. As a matter of fact no empire actually had the manpower to rule the territory it did, but they still ruled. Eventually, Hitler, like Stalin and Mao and all the other dictators would have died and the world would have fallen to Wall Street. They had a democracy and yet still killed native people all over the world, invented the concentration camp, exterminated the American Indian. Logistics becomes, in fact, the very core of generalship -the thing that is ever the main idea-to get military forces into a theater of war in superior strength and husband that strength until they shall prevail. About the evolution of the essay, and as to the course I ran, I am reminded of the Irishman whose horse ran last in a field of sixteen. Actually, had the Germans won and Nazi ideology triumphed, the Americanization of the world would have gone ahead anyway. how stupid an iresponsable were the German people letting a madman rule them.Let us not forget and may they never forget. It seems to be taken for granted that the introduction of the machine into warfare is tending to produce automatic solutions of the prevailing problem of how to get more fire out of fewer men. I have no idea why you even bothered with the quote, nor do I much care for when it comes to weltanchauung, quotes mean nothing. And it seems that no matter how many self proclaimed reasonable, rational, intelligent people exist in this world everything is repeating. What mine proves is that all wise and intelligent people agree that judging others without judging yourself is wrong. Now the drafts are filled with men from towns and cities, more than half of whom have never taken regular exercise or participated in any group game. The general impact of the machine on all industrial populations is to lower the stamina of the individual and make it less likely that he Well Soros of course history tells us many a country and race have piled atrocities on their fellow man.All are unforgivable.The germans take a lot of beating in the game of inhumanity. With the general, as with anyone under that rank, the very acme of leadership comes of the ability to lift the powers of the average man-in-the-ranks to the highest attainable level and hold them there. Two hundred years ago an army could go through a campaign with what it carried in its train and on the backs of its Soldiers. So yeah Hitler could have essentially been, and actually has been the largest superpower in the world. Most people that criticize the Germans, themselves are like the brainwashed Hitler youth of that time. The reason I “bothered” with the quote, is in response to the many opinions here, that come from residents of a country that is royally screwing with other countries just to make a buck. Finding scapegoats for misstakes that have been made by different political leaders was basically all he had to do. They make conclusions based on mixed information, hateful propaganda films depicting the biased atrocities of war. But when that last phase is included (and it cannot be left out) it precludes that view of logistics which sees it best trench coat for men trench coat brand buy womens trench coat guys trench coat ladies beige trench coat goose down coats brown pea coat for women denim trench coat where to buy trench coat black long trench coat men hooded trench coat for women mens grey wool trench coat trench coat women cheap long red trench coat trench coat for tall women ladies wool trench coat down winter coats long women coats trench coat buy online trench coats for women on sale trench style men trench coat with hood designer trench coat men womens red hooded trench coat trench coat black womens trench cape trench raincoats for women mens long brown coat skater trench coat long brown coat


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