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A suitable recipe for plasma etching in the trench etch step is a chlorine-based anisotropic polysilicon etch process which may contain hydrogen bromide. On the wafer scale, a loading effect may result in dissimilar trench depths depending on products with different trench isolation areas. In the case of unequal etch rates between the polysilicon and the substrate, the thickness of the polysilicon is based on the etch rate disparity. As mentioned hereinabove, various techniques are known for subsequently filling the trenches, which in the case of the isolation trenches discussed herein, would be a subsequent step in device fabrication. That idea of the national wealth, and how we should use it when war comes, is by no means confined to the armed services. In war, all effort, all policy, should be directed toward speedier delivery of a greater volume of a more efficient fire at the decisive point. Hence, process “uptime” can be significantly increased, and a reduction in failures will be experienced. It is impossible to have an efficient fighting front when the rear is extravagant and logistically unsound. The lower layer is an insulating layer such as silicon dioxide or silicon nitride, and the upper layer is a layer of undoped polysilicon deposited to a thickness “t” related to the desired depth “d” of the trenches. In either case, trench etch endpoint detection is provided by clearing of the polysilicon and consequent exposure of the first mask layer. But to the extent that they follow this public fancy, instead of determining a fundamental soundness for their own economy, they sanction the bogging down of true mobility under unsupportable weights. In both cases, loading effects during the silicon trench etch step are alleviated, or completely eliminated, because both the top layer and the substrate are silicon-based materials. According to the invention, two dissimilar layers of material are deposited over a substrate, and together they are patterned in a first etch step to form a trench mask for subsequent etching of trenches in the substrate. (There may be other steps in-between, which do not affect the mechanical structure, such as implant, trench oxidation, etc.) Specific reference is made to the techniques for filling and planarizing isolation trenches disclosed in commonly-owned, copending U.S. The first is our overindulgent attitude toward our troops; we seem to feel that their loyalties cannot be commanded unless the Army acts as a pappy to them and puts their creature comforts above all else. It is impossible to say which of these evils-and they are still present in the logistical thought of every service-was in the long run the more unmilitary, the more encumbering and the more extravagant. The second was a basic weakness in the checks or controls over the supply demands of the field armies. It should be understood that while only one semiconductor structure is shown, the present invention is applicable to a plurality of such structures on a semiconductor device. By using the technique of the present invention, manufacturability of semiconductor devices is improved. In either case, the target is continuing etching (in the trench etch step) until the polysilicon is substantially etched away–resulting in the etching of trenches of a desired depth. In the case where the polysilicon and wafer etch at dissimilar rates (and these rates are readily determined), the thickness “t” of the polysilicon layer can be established as a simple multiple of the desired trench depth “d”–in other words, as a function of the etch rate disparity. deposited oxide on polysilicon) could be applied over an “initial” layer of oxide wherein the oxide should not be etched down to the silicon substrate. For example, in the formation of silicon-based microsensors (micromachining), a multi-layer trench mask (e.g. The techniques for constructing trenches disclosed herein are also applicable to devices based on gallium arsenide (GaAs) as opposed to silicon. It is this capacity which gives the transportation of a theater a true flexibility along with general mobility. trench life ladies designer coats rats in the trenches short trench coat trench coat sale wwi trenches what was life like in the trenches life in trenches trench coat buy trench coats black raincoats for women white trench trenchs trench safety winter women jacket women raincoats womens jackets coats coat and jackets for women jacket and coats for women jacket coat sale trench jacket trenchcoat online womens winter coat with hood conditions in the trenches trenchcoat beige outerwear coats for women trench boxes coat shop trench court trench coats women


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